Production & Design Studio

The Production and Design Studio trains undergraduate designers, stage managers and theater technicians who will graduate with a BFA in Theatre. The mission of the Production and Design Studio is to provide students with the skills, techniques and experiences necessary to pursue a career in the design, technical, management and other production areas of the performing arts. Design training includes scenery, costumes, lighting and sound design. Management training includes stage management, production management, general management, and producing. 

Studio coursework is structured in a conservatory style where students spend three days a week, between 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM in studies focused specifically on theatre production and design. The alternate weekdays are reserved for academic classes. Our first year students study all aspects of production to gain shared skills and vocabulary creating life-long collaborative skills and production techniques. In the second year, each student will focus their training in two of five key areas: scenic design, costume design, lighting design, sound design or management. Management training includes stage management, production management, general management and producing. The focus classes are supported with directing, script analysis, graphics, computer and business courses. 

The junior and senior students study one-on-one with their major instructor and participate in internships in the New York industry. Internships may include experiences in theater, dance, opera, television and film. Through contacts made during internships, many of our graduates find their first jobs. 

Production and Design students are assigned to least one production each semester and often will volunteer for three or four other shows per year. The Drama Department produces well over fifty plays each year in our six performance spaces. All of these shows are exclusively for the Undergraduate Drama Department. Our shows are intended for the education of the undergraduate students. First year students learn by contributing to the show – crewing, building, running, hanging lights/sound/projection equipment. As the student progresses through the program, production assignments build skills and challenge one to take on greater responsibilities. Second year students will assist the designers and stage managers on fully produced shows. In the final two years, students are encouraged to design or manage full productions. The faculty decides when each student is prepared to take on a major leadership role in production. 

We are very proud of our graduates who are professionals with a trained intellect and imagination, excellent communication skills, and a broad range of experience. For more information, please email Chris Jaehnig at

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