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Cast on stage during the performance

The Rover, Fall 2023 production | Photographer Justin Chauncey

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    The Production and Design (P&D) Studio in the Tisch Drama Department trains undergraduate theater makers in design and stage management. The P&D studio prioritizes a collaborative and bold approach to theater storytelling. Students in P&D receive conservatory-style training in their chosen discipline, which includes scenic, costume, lighting, sound design, and stage management. Concurrently, students gain a broader education in the liberal arts courses offered at NYU.

All students graduate from our program with a BFA in Theater. This practical training is foundational for a career in theater and beyond. 

The P&D studio nurtures the art of design and management in live performance and prepares students to become thinkers who will advance theater making. This preparation is achieved through a diverse and balanced curriculum centered on critical thinking, rigorous research, dynamic collaboration, and comprehensive design and management development. 

Innovation, interrogation and investigation are pillars of the P&D studio. We use them to encourage students' passions and help them graduate as creative forces ready to join the world stage. 

Recent photographs of departmental productions above. Photographs by Justin Chauncey

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    P&D team on the cantor stage in front of the set for Rent 2024

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