Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Congratulations to five remarkable Tisch Drama faculty and staff—recently honored during the 2022-23 Academic Year for outstanding contributions. 

Honorees include: 

Christine Phelan, an esteemed Administrative Aide, who received NYU’s prestigious Give-a-Violet Award. This award recognizes individuals who have gone above and beyond the normal scope of their positions and demonstrated specific values and competencies at an exceptional level in the performance of their everyday responsibilities. Additionally, the department would like to extend congratulations to Rachel Johnson, an Academic Advisor at Tisch Drama, for her nomination for the Give-a-Violet Award. 

Ryan Parow, the Operations Manager at Tisch Drama, was recognized at the Institute of Performing Arts Annual Staff Lunch for his excellent contribution. Ryan was also nominated for the university’s Distinguished Administrator Award. The annual award recognizes outstanding administrative and professional performance and inclusive excellence that help NYU meet its strategic initiatives and contribute to the attainment of University goals. Colleagues at Tisch noted Ryan’s exceptional work ethic, commitment, and dedication to the Department.

Naila Al-Atrach, Assistant Professor of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, received a nomination for the 2023 David Payne-Carter Award for Excellence in Teaching. The award is presented to Tisch School of the Arts faculty members whom students have selected as best at instilling a deepening comprehension and enthusiasm for the arts as well as a desire to seek further knowledge.

Lastly, Tisch Drama would like to recognize Associate Arts Professor Gwendolyn Alker, who was an honoree at the Tisch School’s Longer Service Awards for her remarkable 20-year tenure. 

These amazing colleagues serve are examples of Tisch Drama's dedicated community of passionate faculty, staff, and administrators. Their accomplishments and contributions are truly exceptional and continue to have a lasting impact on our community.