Theatre Studies

Tisch Drama’s Theatre Studies program trains students in the analysis of theatre and performance, introducing students to historical, theoretical, practical, and aesthetic perspectives. This varied and rich program includes exposure to dramatic literature, dramatic theories, and performance traditions from Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and the Americas, among others. Led by a faculty of internationally-recognized scholars, the Theatre Studies program introduces students to the broader field of theatre and performance studies.

Theatre Studies is an essential component of a student’s overall curricular experience. The curriculum enables students to understand how and why analysis and argumentation are vital components of both the scholarly and practical study of theatre. Students can expect to improve their reading, writing, researching, and critical and creative skills. Such knowledge will interface with students’ studio training to make them more conscious, engaged, and informed artists.

Additionally, the department offers an Honors Program in Theatre Studies consisting of small seminars of advanced thinking on special topics, as well as a minor in Applied Theatre enabling students to deepen their pursuit of social and educational equity, environmental justice, political advocacy, personal transformation, community development, and more.

A  Japanese Noh mask changes expression with the tilt of a head.

A Japanese Noh mask changes expression with the tilt of a head.