Stonestreet Studios Alumni

Stonestreet Studios Class

Stonestreet Studios Class

Stonestreet alums work in major roles on big and small screens, series, pilots, and beyond. They are writing, producing and directing film and television material—with and for themselves and their colleagues. At Stonestreet students work with professional filmmakers, casting directors, agents, and great teachers, empowering them to bridge the gap between school and the professional world. Students create their own screen material while at Stonestreets, so the studio is a spring-board from academic- to a professional-level experience.

Here’s a list of recent Stonestreet alumni:

Miles Teller

Michaela Conlin

Xosha Roquemore

Gil Zabarsky

Rachel Brosnahan

Renee Felice Smith

Kristoffer Polaha

Idina Minzel

Antonio Macia

Alexandra Miller

Selma Blair 

Skeet Ulrich 

Justine Cotsonas 

Mark Malkoff 

Alberto Rosende 

Anna Brisbin

Connor Hines 

Kathleen Littlefield 

JoJo Nwoko 

Katy Dolle 

Lauren Ireland 

Bruce Bundy 

Addie Doyle

Alexandra Fiber 

LaVon Wageman 

Samantha Cutaran 

Jamie Bock 

Melissa Zeigler 

Ashley Skidmore 

Brianne Howey 

Victoria Negri 

Paige Howard 

Kelly Landry