Stonestreet Screen Acting & Production Studios

Stonestreet Screen Acting & Production Studios is an advanced training studio, available to Tisch Drama students after they complete two years of primary training. Stonestreet is the only studio partner of Tisch Drama that is dedicated exclusively to training actors for screen acting and learning how to build their own creative life by understanding filmmaking, production and producing. Stonestreet offers students an up to four-semester advanced program immersed within a fully operational film studio setting.   

In Stonestreet I, actors experience screen acting from audition to production in all areas and genres, discovering their own unique qualities through investigation of character, intensive screen analysis, and visual storytelling, while embracing the differences in film and theater acting.  Regular workshops and weekly auditions with industry professionals begin in Stonestreet I and continue in subsequent semesters bridging both experience and relationships with the industry.  

All actors in Stonestreet II and subsequent semesters are featured in high-production-level projects including pilots, shorts, features, sitcoms, and dramatic series while doing advanced training in voice-over, ADR, animation, books on tape, as well as screen audition preparation for weekly industry auditions.  Many of the projects made in the conservatory are featured on different digital platforms, theatrically and in international film festivals.  Additional semesters may be taken under Independent Stonestreet Course for variable credit, which offers a more individualized curriculum for actors, directors, screenwriters, producers, and designers, helping students embrace their eclecticism and ability to become producers of their own professional trajectory and careers.  

The Interview Process

Once a student is a Tisch Drama student, there is an interview rather than an audition for the Stonestreet Studios Conservatory of Screen Acting and Production.  The interview process gives prospective students the opportunity to learn about the program and tour the studio while giving Stonestreet the opportunity to get acquainted with each student’s goals, interests, and experience.  Students discuss the best time in their academic career to enter the program, be it summer, fall, or spring.

Stonestreet embraces a holistic approach to filmmaking encouraging students to cross over the many disciplines it takes to create screen work.  Every student explores the film artist’s process from acting, writing, directing to producing.

To schedule an interview, call Monique Ford, Managing Director, (212) 229-0020 or email Students may register prior to the interview, but must schedule their interview before attending.  

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