Class of 2022

Kindall's Work

kindall almond

kindall houston almond is a multidisciplinary designer and stylist living in Brooklyn, New York. kindall left Colorado at age 18 and never looked back, although the Southwestern upbringing still fuels and inspires much of her work. holding a B.F.A. from Pratt Institute in Fashion Design, kindall has spent the last three academically blissful years at NYU Tisch, in pursuit of telling a deeper, visual story through the art of Costume Design, and more completely, through the study and practice of Production Design. They feel most fulfilled in team collaboration, working deeply alongside other designers and artistic minds.

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A selection of Nadja's work

Nadja Antic

I am a set and production designer from Belgrade, Serbia, where I graduated as a scenographer from Faculty of Applied Arts. After working in both theater and film for some time – I found myself wanting to expand the skill set needed to create alternate realities I’m so very fond of even more, so I arrived at Tisch. I’m currently based in New York where I’m continuing my quest to find out who I am as an artist, and I’m looking forward to sitting at a table with people equally obsessed with looking for the answers through different mediums. (And hopefully one day being at a place of writing a bio in third person)

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A selection of Zach's work

Zach Blumner

Zach is a scenic designer, production designer and visual artist from New York. He began his studies as an illustrator and found his way into storytelling by means of scenic design. He’s fascinated by entities that are ephemeral and beings that are reclusive. Music, music videos, and fashion are big influences in his work. Graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology and University of Southern California. He currently resides in New York City.

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A selection of Karen Boyer's work

Karen Boyer

I grew up in New Hampshire, in the woods, making forts and fairy houses. My grandmother taught me to sew and make things as a child, and I studied textiles and sculpture at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, MD. After graduating, I moved to New York where I fell in love not only with the city, but with costume design for the way it combines so many of my favorite things: storytelling, drawing + painting, making things, fabric, and, most of all, collaborating with fellow artists.

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A selection of Ebony's work

Ebony Burton

I am an Oakland-born lighting designer and art-maker. These days you can find me living, working, and dreaming in Brooklyn. After graduating from Oberlin College with a BA in Psychology, my career interests shifted from research to design. I spent several years freelancing in the Bay Area and later in NYC as a stagehand and designer before attending graduate school. I seek to create works that visually entice and intellectually stimulate. Works that analyze intersecting oppressions and delve into the complexities of race, poverty, sex, sexuality, and mental illness. I spend what little free time graduate school allows brainstorming evocative methods of storytelling and ways of challenging traditional notions of what a play can be (as well as watching anime and Bob’s Burgers on repeat).

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A selection of Lauren Carmen's work

Lauren Carmen

Lauren Carmen is a costume designer, maker, craftsperson, and artist living in NYC. She comes to design through a life of dancing, having worked as a professional ballet dancer and pilates instructor, before diving more fully into the world of costume. Aiming to infuse her work with a general sense of “joie de vivre,” Lauren finds delight in the whimsy and humor of unexpected moments both in life and onstage, and is inspired by the beauty of the natural world, fantastic music, and collaborating with other passionate, artistic minds. Drawing from her background, Lauren uses her knowledge of the performers’ experience, bodies, and onstage movement to impact audiences in a beautiful and meaningful way.

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A selection of Oscar's work

Oscar Escobedo

A New York based scenic designer. His hope is to create work that connects people to story on a visceral level. Reminding his audience why they come to the theater. He hopes to lead them to discover something about themselves. Whether it be for entertainment, exploration, or catharsis he hopes his work aids his audience and reminds them anything is possible. When Oscar is not working you can find hanging out with his friends at a jazz bar, watching musicals, or deep in a photo study of whatever subway platform or street he’s on.

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A selection of Krista's work

Krista Intranuovo

I am a New-York-based Costume Designer, drawn to stories with strong women and girl protagonists, as well as a sense of darkness, grit, and sadness. I embrace any chance to incorporate my love for all things historical into my designs, and find new ways to interpret and be inspired by the past. In addition to my work as a designer, I have most recently worked at the Metropolitan Opera (IATSE Local 764) as a Shopper, Costume Maker, Crafts Maker/Milliner, and occasionally Administrative Assistant. I hold a BFA from Adelphi University in Theatre Design and Technology with a concentration in Costume Design and Costume Crafts. Being a maker and creating with my hands is an equally important part of my identity as an artist.

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A selection of Orla's work

Orla Long

I’m a costume designer from Ireland. I graduated with a BA in Drama and French from Trinity College Dublin. Since then, I’ve gained extensive experience in the leading houses of the Irish Theatre industry both at home and abroad. I took the plunge and moved across the Atlantic to study at NYU because I wanted to spend three years solely on my craft. I’ve immersed myself in the art of play and storytelling. Engaging with not just the people in those stories but the people who are telling them. I thrive the most, creatively and critically, with other creative and playful minds. It is these collaborations for which I’m excited to dive into next. Onward.

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A selection of Josh's work

Josh Martinez-Davis

Josh Martinez-Davis is a Latino NYC and LA based Lighting Designer. Growing up with ADHD made artistic and personal expression very difficult. Lighting design gave him a gift that he thought was out of reach for a kid like him. Being able to paint the stage and help guide the audience’s eyes through a new world on stage is a feeling that he NEVER gets tired of! He studied acting, directing, scenic, costume, sound design, and carpentry at Westmont College. After working professionally for a year, he moved across the country to attend NYU where an understanding of each discipline is a key part of their curriculum as well. This allows Josh to be a meaningful collaborator with an understanding of each designer’s process.

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A selection of Colleen's work

Colleen Murray

Colleen Murray is a Brooklyn based scenic designer and visual artist. She is intrigued by the necessities of designed worlds in theater, opera, and dance.

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A selection of Lexx's work

Lexx Onigbanjo

Lexx is a production designer, artist, and content creator currently based in Brooklyn. Born and raised in Houston, TX, she graduated from Northeastern University with a BS in Architecture. As a someone with a deep love of visual storytelling, Lexx aspires to create dynamic worlds that explore the intricacies of the human experience, such as race, religion, sex, sexuality, class, and mental health. She has a particular interest in the evolution of Afrofuturism in film and hopes to use her work to push boundaries and generate stimulating conversation.

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A selection of Gabriela's work

Gabriela Rojo

Gabriela Rojo is a set and production designer from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Though currently based in New York, she dreams of opportunities to travel and have diverse experiences. Her childhood dream of designing magical castles led her to her background in architecture, and her passion for storytelling brought her into theatre and film. She considers herself to be multi-disciplinary world builder with the main desire to envelope audiences in immersive experiences. Gabriela’s emotional connection with the story guides her process and is the base of her research. She loves finding the magic in every story.

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A selection of Megan's work

Megan Rutherford

Megan Rutherford is a costume designer and artist of other baubles in New York by way of Houston, Texas. She spun a History, Theatre and Entrepreneurship degree from UNC Chapel Hill into a career of storytelling through conversation and fabric. She delights in creative collaboration: telling tales of our connection with the natural world, queer joy, chosen family and exploring the concept of home across visual mediums. Happiest covered in paint and dirt, she is also an avid rooftop gardener, choosing to nourish community with homegrown vegetables and chatting about a hopeful future of theatre and art.

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A selection of Sadra's work

Sadra Tehrani

Production Designer

Hester Street

Written by Joan Micklin Silver

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A selection of Anton's work

Anton Volovsek

Anton Volovsek is a scenic designer, artist, and theater maker currently based in New York. Anton hails from East Lansing, MI and received his BFA from the University of Michigan. Go Blue! Although primarily a scenic designer, Anton has delved into writing, producing, and devising new work. Most recently, he founded New Phase Collective, a multidisciplinary group of theater artists whose inaugural production, Phase One: The Underbrush, was created in response to the tumultuous year that was 2020. Anton is ecstatic to work with new theater makers on projects that push the boundaries of the minds of all parties involved from the producers, to the audience, to the creative team.

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a selection of Christopher's work

Christopher Wong

Christopher Wong is a designer who manipulates light to create experiences and to imagine a world. He believes lighting can transport an audience, expand and contract space like architecture can and evoke the passage of time or hold us in the stillness of a moment. Beginning with a childhood affinity for visiting lighthouses and for light coming out of a cathode ray projector, he finds inspiration from peculiar light sources. Finding ways to drive a story through practical lighting is one of his favorites, from cliplights and fluorescent tubes to pinspots and beam projectors. In his free time, he goes to museums and loves gazing out the windows of a moving train car.

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a selection of Xiangfu's work

Xiangfu (Sean) Xiao

Xiangfu is a New York-Based Lighting Designer. Born and raised in China, Xiangfu has wide experience in lighting design both in the US and worldwide, as well as design for Theater, Musical, TV studios, Films, Live Concerts, etc.

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Jiaying Zhang

I’m Jiaying Zhang. Nickname is Erica. I was born in Shanghai, China. Since I was 19, I studied abroad in Malta, London, and the USA. I hold a BA in Theatre Arts from Stony Brook University.

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