Supervisor of Dance Production, Susan Hamburger, Featured in Projection Lights and Staging News

Tuesday, Nov 19, 2019



Supervisor of Dance Production at NYU Tisch Dance, Susan Hamburger, has been featured in the Projection Lights and Staging News!

"Lighting designer Susan Hamburger’s career epiphany came to her at exactly the right time, before she’d gone too far in another direction. She was a student at Bard College, majoring in literature, and taking dance classes for the sheer pleasure of dancing, an activity she had always enjoyed."- Projection Lights and Staging News

“I realized that the dance department was a really wonderful place,” she said. “I was always a mediocre dancer and a fairly mediocre choreographer, but when I started talking with the lighting designer, I thought it was a lot more interesting than the other stuff.”- Susan Hamburger

Click the link to read the article about Susan's journey with lighting design!