Deborah Jowitt's Review of Dream’d in a Dream

Wednesday, Oct 14, 2015

Recently in Arts Journal, famed writer and NYU educator Deborah Jowitt writes about Seán Curran Company’s Dream’d in a Dream.  

Jowitt writes:

Dreaming a Never-Stopping Dance

The Seán Curran Company brings East and West together at the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Harvey Theater.

Members of the Seán Curran Company in Dream’d a Dream. (L to R): Dwayne Brown, Jin Ju Song-Begin, Christina Robson, Rebecca Arends, Benjamin Freedman, Aaron R. White, Elizabeth Coker, Michael Richman, David Gonsier. Photo: Yi-Chun Wu

"As you enter the BAM Harvey to see the Seán Curran Company’s Dream’d in a Dream, you not only glimpse an embodiment of the title, you begin to enter another kingdom. Not since Peter Brooks’ stunning production of the Sanscrit epic The Mahabharata introduced New Yorkers to the tactfully renovated ruined theater in 1987, have I seen a theatrical vision so compatible with the space."