Harry MacInnis

Class of 2025

Harry MacInnis

When did you learn to tap dance?

I learned to tap dance in eighth grade. Learning to move my feet in ways I never had was no easy feat - the learning curve was unlike any other. But since we would be performing live, I had no other choice but to learn the steps and learn them well.

Tap dance requires an understanding of musicality and rhythm. Do you have a background in music/play any instruments?

Though I had taken piano lessons for years before tap dancing, my love for rhythm resurfaced after learning tap. What I love most about tap is that it combines playing an instrument with dancing- two things I love even on their own. The tap shoe is both an instrument and a dance shoe. Since these mediums transcend two artforms, I doubt I’ll ever stop tapping. 

How was the Collaborative Arts Jam House?

Jam House was a wonderful experience. What I loved most about it was its structure. There was a fine balance between learning and applying- listening and working. Creating art with other artists who I also consider my friends didn’t feel like work.

What are you working on now?

I am working on 3D modeling for Technology in Action, a class that combines art and tech. Soon, we will be 3D printing our designs, something I’ve never done before! In my Voice and Text class, an acting/script analysis class, we have just wrapped up performing partner scenes and are moving onto ensemble work. For Body and Movement, I am reworking my solo movement/speaking piece for the midterm. For fun, I am working on a few screenplays with my friend and am beginning to score a soundtrack for an animated fantasy series.

What made you choose Collaborative Arts as your major, instead of a specific discipline?

In the college application process, I felt overwhelmed with the idea of picking one thing to do. Truthfully, I felt all my friends had it figured out and I was lost. I felt this way because I am interested in so many things. This feeling went away when I stumbled upon the Collaborative Arts major, a program that lets you major in wanting to do it all! It is so important to me to have a well-rounded education, especially within the arts. If I am ever needed for visual design, live performance, playwriting, cinematography, and much much more, I feel the Collaborative Arts program will have made me ready to step up. Moreover, everytime I work with a different group of people, I feel a different version of my artistic self is born. 

Any advice for applicants?

When applying, show that you really are interested in multiple things within the bounds of the application. It’s okay if you haven’t done multiple things, just show a couple and express your interest in others! Your willingness to learn and open-mindedness to new things is what is necessary for this program, so as long as you show that, you’ll be fine!

If you could learn something new, what would it be?

Even though I’ve already learned the fundamentals of 2D animation, I’d love to learn how to 3D animate! One of my interests is game design and development, so this skill would be beneficial if I ever explored this possible career path.