MIAP Appoints First RML Post-Graduate Fellow

Tuesday, Sep 10, 2019

The Regional Media Legacies (RML) Team is pleased to announce Robert Anen as the project’s first Post-Graduate Fellow for a year-long appointment!

Robert Anen was raised on Long Island and received his undergraduate degree in 2011 from Hofstra University in Film Studies and Production. He is a 2017 graduate of the Moving Image Archiving and Preservation program. In 2016, he was featured in the New York Times article “A Lost Snippet of Film History, Found in a Home Movie Shot in 1964” for his part in the discovery of footage of a film installation created for the 1964 World’s Fair called “Think” by Charles and Ray Eames, tucked within the home movies of Edward R. Feil at the Indiana University Libraries Moving Image Archive. After graduating from MIAP, he assisted in preserving a collection of film home movies at Old Westbury Gardens in Long Island. In 2017, he also published an article in the film journal Black Camera titled “Community Archiving with the National Black Programming Consortium”.

This appointment will fully launch efforts to research and identify existing audiovisual collections available in memory institutions across the Long Island, Brooklyn, and Queens region. With the support of a host-site institution and funding from the Robert D. L. Gardiner Foundation, the RML Team and MIAP students will assist in the management and care of film, video, audio and digital media found across the region in the hopes of revealing valuable hidden collections to the communities in which they reside. The first year of the project will focus on work with historical organizations to gain intellectual and physical control of their media collections through services such as inventorying and rehousing media items, inspecting and repairing media items when possible, writing or implementing preservation plans for media collections, and researching reformatting options for in-house setups or through vendor services. 

For more information on the RML project, please visit our website.