APEX Puerto Rico 2019

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APEX Workshops Descriptions/ Descripción de los talleres

The NYU MIAP Audiovisual Preservation Exchange (APEX) 2019 edition will take place in Puerto Rico, from May 27 to June 7. We had a record number of institutions wanting to partner. We hope that the common dialogue and exchange through the various open activities planned will turn into long-term collaborations throughout the islands.  We will be working mostly in San Juan and a small group will visit Vieques Island.

During this edition of APEX, we will concentrate our efforts on workshops and skill sharing this will be the most valuable contribution since a vast number of institutions expressed the need for support in these areas. APEX understands the value of training the trainers and the potential of sustainability that sharing knowledge and skills represents for institutions. These workshops and conferences will target areas such as disaster preparedness and recovery, digitizing media collections, working with vendors, fundraising and sustainability, and digital preservation.

Participating institutions are:

  • Fundación Luis Muñoz Marín
  • Archivo de Medios Audiovisuales, Escuela de Comunicación de la Universidad de Puerto Rico, Recinto de Río Piedras
  • Centro de Investigaciones Históricas,  Universidad de Puerto Rico, Recinto de Río Piedras
  • Archivo de la Danza, Sistema de Bibliotecas de la Universidad de Puerto Rico, Recinto de Río Piedras
  • Archivo General de Puerto Rico
  • Archivo Histórico de Vieques
  • Beta-Local
  • Rubberband

Special thanks to ArchiRED for collaboration with logistics

APEX 2019 Participants are:

  • Mona Jiménez, NYU Faculty, APEX Program Founder, APEX 2008-2019
  • Juana Suárez, MIAP Director, APEX 2013 to 2019
  • Caroline Gil- MoMA, MIAP 2015, MIAP advisor and organizer, APEX 2014 and 2015
  • Pamela Vizner- AVP, MIAP 2014 MIAP advisor and organizer, APEX 2013 to 2019
  • Shahed Dowlatshahi – MIAP 2018, APEX 2017 and 2018
  • Emily Nabasny- MIAP 2014, APEX 2014
  • Salvi Vivancos- Memorias Celuloides, APEX 2017 Host, APEX 2018
  • Amye McCarther- New Museum
  • Cristina Fontanez-Rodríguez -NDSR Maryland College Institute of Art


  • Danielle Calle- MIAP 2019, APEX 2018 - Student Organizer 2019
  • Sigga Sigurthorsdottir- MIAP 2019, APEX 2018 – Student Organizer 2019
  • Mary Jackson- MIAP 2020- Student Organizer 2019
  • Maddy Smith- MIAP 2020
  • Claire Fox- MIAP 2020
  • Brianna Jones- MIAP 2020
  • Kate Philipson – Archives and Public History 2019

We will also host a workshop with Amy Gallick, Library of Congress.

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