Frannie Trempe, Summer 2017

Friday, Oct 13, 2017

Frannie Trempe, UC-San Diego Libraries, Summer 2017, NEH

I spent my summer in La Jolla, California as an intern at the University of California, San Diego Library. While there, I worked on several different audiovisual preservation projects, including the appraisal of a collection of deep-sea oceanographic films and the digitization of a collection of Betamax and U-Matic tapes from a 1987 concert at the university. Additionally, I established and implemented a rehousing/inspection workflow for the Library's 16mm film collection, as part of an effort to shift the collection to a new location. Finally, I worked to reorganize the library's film lab--taking inventory of equipment, testing and repairing projectors and telecines, and providing recommendations for how the lab could be best arranged and used. These varied projects were an excellent supplement to the coursework from my first year as a MIAP student, and I am happy to have worked these ten weeks as an intern at UCSD!