Ana Salas, Summer 2021

Tuesday, Sep 21, 2021

Ana Salas, WGBH, Summer 2021

My internship at GBH involved quality control and cataloging of recently digitized recordings. My tasks required me to play the recordings and gather relevant information from the content to enhance the available metadata. During my time at GBH I gained experience in cataloging an enhancing metadata, in identifying artifacts present in digitized tapes, and in learning about digitization processes. During my 10 week internship I QC'ed and cataloged approximately 500 recordings and helped write a special collection landing page for KEXP radio on the AAPB website.

Ana Salas WGBH

Ana Salas interned at WGBH during summer 2021

Ana Salas WGBH

Ana Salas worked with digitized recordings.