MIAP Alumni

“Beyond the knowledge and skills it has equipped me with, the MIAP program provided me and continues to nurture a network of audiovisual archivists that are distinctly diverse in specialities and advocacies but all sharing a passion for, and commitment to, the field. Such a support network is simply priceless." -Bono Olgado, Assistant Professor, School of Library and Information Studies, University of the Philippines, MIAP '12

MIAP students graduate with a solid academic grounding in film and television history and theory, and substantial practical work experience in a variety of audiovisual collections. Our graduates have careers as preservation specialists, archivists, research scholars, and conservators in diverse organizations: library preservation departments, regional and national archives, digital libraries, media arts organizations, museums, production entities, video distributors, and television stations.

Employers who have hired MIAP graduates include: Academy Film Archive Library of Congress, The United Nations, Museo del Cine, Buenos Aires, Bay Area Video Coalition, Audiovisual Preservation Solutions, The Museum of Modern Art, Carnegie Hall, The Smithsonian Institution, New York Public Library, Northwestern University Libraries, StoryCorps, CNN News Archive, National Film Archives of the Philippines, WGBH, and many more.

Staying Connected

Consisting of over 110 graduates since May 2005, the MIAP alumni network has grown into a robust source of camaraderie and and professional support. Alumni are encouraged to maintain strong relations with each other and the program by subscribing to MIAP's Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook feeds, and the MIAP Alumni Google group. MIAP faculty, staff, and graduates use the Goolge group as a listserv to share employment opportunities, program-relevant articles, research findings, and conference or event announcements. The listserv is also a forum for celebrating the many achievments of our alumni, as is the MIAP News feed.

Alumni Testimonials 

from MIAP's 10th Anniversary in 2013