Can Cognitive Surplus Exist in the Gig Economy?

A tableau of a man and a woman

A lecture on the impact of digital media on the arts.

Wednesday, February 13 at 6:30 pm
Michelson Theater, 721 Broadway, 6th floor

This talk views the effects of digital media on the arts through the lens of the art blog. In it, Paddy Johnson chronicles her own work and the questions that continue to drive it. What are the moral responsibilities of the artist? Why does their work look the way it does? What lessons can be learned?


Paddy Johnson
is the editor of the forthcoming book We're So Not Getting the Security Deposit Back: A Guide to Defunct Artists Spaces and the founding editor of the contemporary art blog Art F City. With Nancy Kleaver, she runs PARADE, a non-profit arts organization that commissions civically engaged art in Queens. She is a contributor to The New York Observer and GIZMODO. She teaches new media art in New York, where she lives with her partner.


Photo: Rachel Stern, 2015