Critical Collaborations Fellow opens "Read My Lips"

Friday, Dec 8, 2017

Gian Paolo Minelli, La Boca Burned

Gian Paolo Minelli, La Boca Burned #003-2017, 2017. FineArt Inkjet print Hahnemühle Baryta, 60 x 50 cm.

NYU Buenos Aires Professor and Critical Collaboration Fellow Florencia Malbran curated the "Read My Lips" exhibition at Usina del Arte in Buenos Aires, with support from the Department of Art & Public Policy and the Critical Collaboration project. The exhibition included the photographs of Critical Collaboration Fellow Gian Paolo Minelli.

Minelli also led APP Professor Pato Hebert and APP alumni Leticia Gutierrez ('14) and Horacio Pérez ('12) on visits to community-based arts and mobilization projects in three different neighborhoods in Buenos Aires.