"God is a Woman" Artwork by Prof. Karen Finley acquired by Hudson County Community College

Tuesday, Oct 8, 2019

Professor Karen Finley stands in front of one of her paintings giving a lecture

Image by Anna Ehrsam

Arts Politics professor Karen Finley was featured this past Thursday at Hudson County Community College Foundation’s Artist Talk.

The institution acquired one of the Karen Finley's works, titled God Is a Woman. Through mediums such as installations, videos, performances, public and visual art, entertainment, memorials, music and literature she addresses issues that include treatment of women, AIDS, and the Holocaust.

See Karen Finley as a speaker in NYU's MFA Visiting Artist Talk this Thursday October 10th at 5:30pm EDT in Steinhardt's Barney Building, Eistein Auditorium.

Karen Finey in front of a projection of her work that read "Pussy Power"

Image by Anna Ehrsam

Karen Finley in front of and looking at a project of her drawing of a nude body and writing that reads "Mr. President I am ready to be invaded and hand of the the oil."

Image by Anna Ehrsam