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Do you have a show you'd like to promote? Was your book recently published? Do you have a career update for your classmates that you’re excited to share? Let us know!

Listings are posted chronologically each week. We invite you to share anything you’d like for your former classmates to know about. Listings are reviewed and subject to editing for length or content by the Tisch Department of External Affairs.


Do you have a show you'd like to promote? Was your book recently published? Do you have a career update for your classmates that you’re excited to share? Let us know!

Listings are posted chronologically each week. We invite you to share anything you’d like for your former classmates to know about. Listings are reviewed and subject to editing for length or content by the Tisch Department of External Affairs.


Do you have a show you'd like to promote? Was your book recently published? Do you have a career update for your classmates that you’re excited to share? Let us know!

Listings are posted chronologically each week. We invite you to share anything you’d like for your former classmates to know about. Listings are reviewed and subject to editing for length or content by the Tisch Department of External Affairs.



10/15/2019 - 10/21/2019

  • https://titles.cognella.com/everything-but-the-script-9781516531257

    Jason Scott

    '91 (BFA, Cinema Studies)

    First monograph published; "Everything But the Script" is a textbook for would-be industry professionals.

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  • Half Widow

    Julie Victor

    '85 (BFA, Film & TV)

    Julie Victor is the associate producer of this multiple award winning Kashmiri film, “Half Widow”. Now available to watch on Amazon Prime. The film has received Best director, actress, and cinematography awards as well as winning People’s Choice award.

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10/8/2019 - 10/14/2019

  • Born Just Now

    Robert Adanto

    '94 (MFA, Grad Acting)

    Robert Adanto's Born Just Now, a film looking at the art and life of the Belgrade-based artist Marta Jovanović, was awarded Best Documentary at Arte NonStop Festival of Film and Art in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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  • Story Chen

    Story Chen

    '17 (BFA, Film & TV)

    Story Chen just got her first feature film financed. It about a Chinese girl who tries to explore her gender identity in a mental hospital in NY. It will be shooting in NY in Feb. 2020.

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  • no image

    Molly Reisman

    '18 (MFA, Graduate Music Theatre Writing)

    Musical "Keaton and The Whale" holds FREE public reading at A.R.T./New York Theatres November 4th & 5th.

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  • Lilia Ziamou

    Lilia Ziamou

    '13 (MPS, ITP)

    You are Invited! Reception for Lilia Ziamou: body politic /bädē päl-tik/ @ NYU Kimmel Windows Gallery.

10/1/2019 - 10/8/2019

  • Joan Casali

    Joan Casali

    '84 (BFA, Film & TV)

    Joan started her own clothing company called Sweaty Tee. It makes sweat-wicking clothing that come with sweat-absorbing mini-towels to help get rid of annoying sweat during workouts. They are available online. Hopefully in retail stores soon.

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  • Carolina de' Castiglioni

    Carolina de' Castiglioni

    '19 (BFA, Drama)

    Carolina de’ Castiglioni makes her Off-off Broadway debut in FOUND at The Cell Theatre.

  • "The Evolution of Song and Dance in Hindi Cinema"

    Ajay Gehlawat

    '00 (MA, Cinema Studies)

    Ajay Gehlawat recently published a co-edited volume, "The Evolution of Song and Dance in Hindi Cinema" (Routledge, 2019) and guest edited a special roundtable on Do the Right Thing at 30 for Safundi: The Journal of South African and American Studies.

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  • Alexandra Hsu

    Alexandra Hsu

    '16 (MFA, Grad Film)

    Alexandra Hsu is the Featured Artist in Film at this year's APAture Festival, a multidisciplinary arts festival, organized by San Francisco's Kearny Street Workshop. Her short films, "Sophie" (2nd Year Film) and "Our Way Home" will be screening at the Roxie.

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  • no image

    Stuart Shapiro

    '08 (BFA, Film & TV)

    Stuart Shapiro is now director of marketing and communications at Duke University.

  • Gabriel Tolliver

    Gabriel Tolliver

    '93 (BFA, Film & TV), '99 (MPS ITP)

    2019 TELLY Award recipient for Season 1 Producer: Good Morning America's Robin Roberts Presents: Thriver Thursdays

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9/24/2019 - 9/30/2019

  • Stylebook

    Jessica Atkins

    '08 (BFA, Photography and Imaging)

    The closet management app Stylebook, which Jessica co-founded with her husband, is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year! Over the years, the app has been covered by The New York Times, InStyle, Real Simple, The Today Show, Who What Wear and many more!

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  •  “Have A Seat — Chairs In Their Natural Habitat:  A Study in Pattern, Shape, and Color”

    Sol Fischler

    '77 (BFA, Kanbar, Film & TV)

    24 photos from Sol Fischler’s collection “Have A Seat — Chairs In Their Natural Habitat: A Study in Pattern, Shape, and Color” are on display in the Greenburgh Town Hall 2nd Floor Gallery, White Plains, NY through November 4th.

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  • PointePeople

    Paige Moudgil

    '11 (BFA, Dance)

    PointePeople is dedicated to building products and a community that educate, empower, and enrich dancers. Their first product, Pointe Paint, is a convenient, portable and water-based solution for dyeing pointe shoes. Check out their Instagram account!

  • By the Book by Amanda Sellet '95

    Amanda Sellet

    '95 (MA, Cinema Studies)

    Amanda (Henry) Sellet's debut YA novel will be published May 12, 2020 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. BY THE BOOK: A NOVEL OF PROSE AND CONS is about a girl who culls lessons about life and love from 19th-century fiction, with mixed results.

  • Cryptid

    Devin Shepherd

    '14 (BFA, Kanbar, Film & TV)

    Devin launched the fiction podcast, Cryptids. It's the first podcast from her production company Wild Obscura Films with her producing partner Nora Unkel ('14, BFA, Kanbar, Film & TV).

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  • no image

    Brian Siedlecki

    '96 (BFA, Kanbar, Film & TV)

    Promoted to Coordinating Producer at Saturday Night Live

  • The Second Song by Marty Weiss '87

    Marty Weiss

    '87 (MFA, Film & TV)

    Martin Jay Weiss published a new thriller, FLAMINGO COAST, through Rare Bird Books, which will is a Amazon Kindle pick of the month for October 2019. This follows his acclaimed 2018 debut novel SECOND SON.

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  • "Fiction"

    Ezra Zonana

    '84 (BFA, Kanbar, Film & TV)

    Ezra published two stories this year: one in the forthcoming issue no. 64 of "Fiction", the City University of New York’s literary magazine, and one in "The Sun", a general interest magazine published out of Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

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9/17/2019 - 9/23/2019

  • DRONE: a new multidisciplinary, ensemble theatre work

    Andrea Assaf

    '95/'00 (BFA Drama/MA Performance Studies)

    Andrea Assaf receives the prestigious National Theatre Project (NTP) grant from New England Foundation for the Arts (NEFA) to create DRONE: a new multidisciplinary, ensemble theatre work that will premiere in 2021.

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  • Sister Aimee

    Samantha Buck

    '97 (BFA, Drama)

    Samantha Buck's film SISTER AIMEE is coming out in theaters in NYC and LA on Sept 27! It drops digitally on Oct 1.

  • The Terror: Infamy

    Kevin Estwick

    '11 (MA, Art & Public Policy)

    "Ridley Scott's The Terror: Infamy" for AMC, Certified Fresh, scored by Core Music Agency composer client Mark Korven, 9/8C (6pm PST). Catch up on AMC.com or AMC Premiere! Mark Korven also scored the features THE LIGHTHOUSE, THE WITCH, and IN THE TALL GRASS.

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  • Shook

    Jonathan Hurwitz

    '12 (BFA, Kanbar, Film & TV)

    Jonathan Hurwitz had the opportunity to write Disney Channel's first short-form series called "Shook," produced by Mark and Jay Duplass. It premieres on YouTube on Saturday, September 28, with a new episode being released every Saturday for 10 weeks.

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  • Liz Kerin '08

    Liz Kerin

    '08 (BFA, Dramatic Writing)

    Liz Kerin's fantasy thriller THE PHANTOM FOREST was recently published and is on sale now wherever books are sold. Pitched as PAN'S LABYRINTH meets THE HUNGER GAMES, librarians and book bloggers agree it's a "Must read for 2019!"

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  • no image

    Malcolm Matusky

    '88 (BFA, Kanbar, Film & TV)

    In post-production on "DSLR-Dreams" a documentary series about a group of friends who want to be filmmakers later in life.

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  • Diary of Anne Frank LatinX

    Tracey Rooney

    '95 (BFA, Drama)

    Tracey is one of the producers of "The Diary of Anne Frank Latinx" & we are doing a few encore performances of the show in Los Angeles before we take it to Vancouver in November! Stan Zimmerman (director) & Aris Alvarado are also Tisch alumni!

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9/10/2019 - 9/16/2019

  • 'flight of Mexican carrier pigeon ornaments' by Steve Gentile

    Steven Gentile

    '86 (BFA, Film & TV)

    Steve's photo 'flight of Mexican carrier pigeon ornaments' is on view in the Griffin Museum of Photography's PRIMARY SOURCE group photo exhibit in Lafayette City Center Passageway Gallery, Boston, from Oct 1 2019 - Feb 25 2020. Juror: Paula Tognarelli.

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  • no image

    Anna Hoffman

    '19 (MA, Cinema Studies)

    Currently Anna works as an Assistant Editor with Jarrett Creative, a reality TV production company. She is working on three shows now for Oxygen, Travel, and ID.

  • SHOT by Jeremy Kagan

    Jeremy Kagan

    '69 (MFA, Film & TV)

    Jeremy directed and produced the feature SHOT about gun violence in America and, as a full professor at USC, he has written an eTextbook.

    More Information
  • "The Story of Michael D. McCarty"

    Arielle Nobile

    '01 (BFA, Drama)

    Arielle's documentary film, "Belonging in the USA: The Story of Michael D. McCarty" won Best Documentary at Borderscene Film Festival & was also an official selection at the Pan African Film Fest, San Francisco Black Film Fest, Awareness Film Fest, and more.

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  • no image

    Robert L. Smith

    '82 (MFA, Theatre Design)

    The second edition of Robert's "Introduction to Theatre" text, "Theatre: Its Nature, Its Variety, Its Development", was published in August, 2019.

  • no image

    Cara Winter

    '97 (BFA, Drama)

    Screenwriter Cara Winter has been signed by literary agent Adreana Robbins of Bohemia Group (LA) for Film/TV; Bohemia Group is currently representing Cara's award-winning original TV pilot "Twirl" about the quirky world of competitive baton twirling.

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  • Period House by Liz Zimmerman

    Liz Zimmerman

    '05 (BFA, Dramatic Writing)

    New play "Period House" produced by Liz Zimmerman in Philadelphia Fringe Festival 9/7 - 9/22


9/4/2019 - 9/9/2019

  • no image

    Meron Langsner

    '00 (MA, Performance Studies)

    Meron was recently accepted to the second cohort of Southampton Art’s Audio Podcast Fellows.

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  • Holly LaRoche '18

    Holly LaRoche

    '18 (BFA, Dance)

    Dance Informa’s Holly LaRoche writes the series of articles "Things that Dancers are Good At.“ LaRoche’s own expertise in unusual, and highly impressive, dance gigs guides the discussion on how dancers can benefit from working outside of the box.

    More Information
  • Water Melts

    Lilian Mehrel

    '17 (MFA, Grad Film)

    WATER MELTS - a blue-hearted dark-humor love-story series -now released on the Tribeca Film Institute channel. Created by Lilian Mehrel & Mary Evangelista.

    More Information
  • Alice

    Barry Putt

    '04 (BFA, Dramatic Writing)

    "Alice: Life Behind the Counter in Mel's Greasy Spoon (A Guide to the Feature Film, the TV Series, and More)" by Barry M. Putt, Jr. published on 9/2/2019.

    More Information
  • no image

    Kevin F. Story

    '18 (MA, Performance Studies)

    Kevin F. Story was just accepted into the BMI-Lehman Engel Musical Theatre Workshop as a composer.

    More Information
  • In Asian Spaces

    Shannon Sweeting

    '15 (BA, Cinema Studies)

    Shannon started a website called "In Asian Spaces". "In Asian Spaces" focuses on Japanese culture, animation, and pop-culture events such as comic conventions and their influence on American society.

    More Information
  • Michael Tabb

    Michael Tabb

    '94 (BFA, Drama)

    A decade-long WGA writer - repped by Authentic M - new program director of the Nashville Film Institute - author of Prewriting Your Screenplay (recently released by Routledge, America’s #1 textbook publisher) - cast in 4 SAG films in the last 6 months.

    More Information
  • Head Count

    Nick Wright

    '13 (BFA, Film &TV)

    "Head Count", an indie/suspense thriller edited by Tisch alum Nick Garnham Wright, is set to release on Netflix on 9/13 (Friday the 13th).

    More Information

8/27/2019 - 9/3/2019

  • Warriors by James L. Barry

    James L. Barry

    '02 (BFA, Film & TV)

    A box set of the collected Warriors Graphic Novels illustrated by James L. Barry was recently released by Harper Collins. He is currently working on a new Warriors graphic novel to be released next summer.

    More Information
  • Chance of Showers by Julie Craig

    Julie Craig

    '05 (BFA, Drama)

    Julie's short film CHANCE OF SHOWERS screens in LA on Sat Sept 7th at 1:30pm as an Official Selection and Semi Finalist of the Burbank International Film Festival. This is a 100% female film! She co-wrote, produced, and star in it. Come support women in film!

  • no image

    Joanne Feinberg

    '83 (BFA, Cinema Studies)

    The Big Sky Film Institute is pleased to welcome Joanne Feinberg as the Guest Programming Director of the 2020 Big Sky Documentary Film Festival. She is joining the institute to helm the selection process for the 17th annual event.

  • Little Sister Grimm

    Kris Fleerackers

    '86 (MA, Performance Studies)

    Little Sister Grimm is a solo puppet show based on the lives of the family Grimm and on one classic fairy tale from the Grimm's famous collection in its original, unedited form. The production touches on themes of reading and writing as empowering activities.

    More Information
  • Alt-Right

    Adam Lough

    '01 (BFA, Film & TV)

    ALT-RIGHT: AGE OF RAGE, a feature length documentary in which Adam embedded himself for a year and a half with the Alt-Right and ANTIFA movements, is now playing on Netflix and BBC.

    More Information
  • Ryan Lowe

    Ryan Lowe

    '19 (BFA, Drama)

    Ryan will be performing as Lulu in Cabaret with the Gallery Players in Park Slope! The show runs September 7-29. Tickets can purchased below.

  • Anjul Nigam

    Anjul Nigam

    '88 (BFA, Drama)

    Writer/Actor/Producer on GROWING UP SMITH (2017 theatrical release; TIME's "Pick of the Week"); Producer on BAYOU CAVIAR (2018 theatrical release; director/star Cuba Gooding Jr and Richard Dreyfuss); Producer with Alec Baldwin on CROWN VIC (Nov 2019)

    More Information
  • Light of Dying

    Michelle Reynoso

    '93 (BFA, Drama)

    A deadly past. An unruly power. Two worlds colliding. BERGENFIELD, NJ (August 13, 2019)—Caterpillar & Gypsy Moth Press announced today the release of the highly anticipated sequel, THE LIGHT OF THE DYING by Michelle Reynoso.

    More Information
  • Promoster

    Joseph Serino

    '94 (MPS, ITP)

    Inventor and Founder of Promoster.com is commercializing an augmented reality patent allowing advertisers to share interactive offers through "The Poster You Do!"

    More Information
  • Power Chord by Isabelle Van Vleet

    Isabelle Van Vleet

    '14 (BFA, Drama)

    Isabelle Van Vleet helped compose the music for and acted in the Amazon Prime/Dolby Soho featured musical film “Power Chord”. Directed by Alessandro Chille.

    More Information
  • Sarah Zeitler, daughters and dog, Casper

    Sarah Zeitler

    '00 (BFA, Drama)

    Sarah Zeitler was recently elevated to the role of General Manager of Systems Installations at WorldStage Inc. In addition, she continues to serve as Director of Product Development, which encompasses custom hardware and software solutions for live events, permanent media installations, and more. Sarah and her daughters reside in Lancaster PA. This summer, they expanded their family to include Casper, a wonderful 7-year-old rescue dog.


8/20/2019 - 8/26/2019

  • Sophie Last Seen

    Marlene Adelstein

    '79 (BFA, Film & TV)

    Marlene's debut novel, "Sophie Last Seen", was recently published by Red Adept Publishing. The mystery/thriller became a USA Today Bestseller.

    More Information
  • "The Stinky & Dirty Show"

    James Hereth

    '91 (BFA, Film & TV)

    James has most recently written three episodes for season two of Amazon Prime's "The Stinky & Dirty Show," Executive Produced by fellow Tisch alumni, Guy Toubes.

    More Information
  • "Dorothy Never Got Down Like This"

    Erin Hunsader

    '12 (MFA, Graduate Musical Theatre Writing)

    Erin Hunsader’s book "Dorothy Never Got Down Like This" was published recently. It is a funny memoir about her move from Appleton to the Big Apple in which she compares herself to Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.

  • Family of Numbers

    Jacqueline Krull

    '12 (MFA, Graduate Musical Theatre Writing)

    FAMILY BY NUMBERS play: First Prize, Theatre Odyssey's Play Festival; Audience Choice Award, S. Baldwin Play Festival. Productions/readings: Theatre Three, Magnolia Arts Center, Artists’ Exchange, Gulfport Players, Bismarck Play Festival, Lowell Arts.

    More Information
  • no image

    Jennifer McGrath

    '03 (BFA, Drama)

    Jen recently relocated to Memphis, Tennessee to become the Vice President of Education and Community Engagement at the Orpheum Theatre Group.

  • 1/2 New Year

    Georgia Menides

    '97 (BFA, Dramatic Writing)

    The indie comedy Georgia wrote, "1/2 New Year" will be releasing on Sept 10th on all VOD platforms. This award winning film is about a group of friends who bond together to support each other after a traumatic incident at their annual 1/2 New Year Party.

    More Information
  • no image

    John Pope

    '17 (BFA, Drama)

    Worked with Oscar Nominee/Tony Winner Judd Hirsch in upcoming film "A Deadly Legend"

    More Information
  • American Moor

    Kim Weild

    '87 (BFA, Drama)

    "American Moor" written by Keith Hamilton Cobb and directed by Kim Weild begins previews August 27th at Cherry Lane Theatre. It is being presented by Red Bull Theater and produced by Evangeline Morphos.


8/12 - 8/19

  • no image

    Betsy Aidem

    '79 (BFA, Drama)

    Will be appearing as the Nurse in Romeo and Juliet at Chicago Shakes Fall of '19.

  • no image

    Tracy Boulian

    '05 (BFA, DPI)

    Tracy Boulian and her partner have been selected as one of Luerzer's Archive's 200 Best Advertising Photographers. Every couple of years, Luerzer's Archive selects a group of some of the most talented advertising photographers in the industry.

    More Info
  • Amanda Broomell '02

    Amanda Broomell

    '02 (BFA, Drama)

    MANDY PICKS A HUSBAND plays at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe through Saturday 17 August at 12:15. It’s a 60-minute autobiographical traumedy about her quest to find The One. Location: 19 North Bridge (Hilton Hotel).

  • Tim Cummings

    Tim Cummings

    '95 (BFA, Drama)

    Tim recently completed the 4-month, sold-out run of the west-coast premiere of Michael McKeever's "Daniel's Husband" at The Fountain Theater in LA, for which he received the award for Best Performance in a Play from StageSceneLA.

    More Info
  • The Value of Moscow

    Amy Dellagiarino

    '06 (BFA, Drama)

    Hot on the heels of a 2019 Stage Raw nomination for Best Playwriting, my dark comedy "The Value of Moscow" has just been published by Stage Rights. This 3F, 2M comedy of Chekhovian proportions was hailed as “marvelously witty” by the LA Times.

    More Info
  • no image

    Trevor Hayward

    '93 (BFA, Dramatic Writing)

    Trevor optioned a book entitled "No One Left Behind" which he will develop into a feature screenplay based on the true story of Navy pilot Scott Speicher shot down in first Iraq war.

  • no image

    Mitchell Levin

    '84 (MFA, Dramatic Writing)

    After working as senior story analyst for DreamWorks for 20 years, Mithcell is consulting with writers independently at ScriptsRX25.com

  • Recovery

    John Liang

    '07 (BFA, Film & TV)

    The new horror film from writer-director John Liang, RECOVERY, is now available for purchase on DVD and streaming platforms in the United States and Canada.

    More Info
  • Banking District

    Stéphane Mitchell

    '93 (BFA, Film & TV)

    Stephane Mitchell is a screenwriter working in Switzerland. Cocreator and headwriter of Banking District, a 6x52’ Swiss TV series. Season 1 is on MHZ now. Second season coming in Spring 2020.

    More Info
  • no image

    Mauricio Osaki

    '13 (MFA, Film & TV)

    The Paths of My Father, Mauricio's thesis script and first feature film is heading to San Sebastián Film Festival -Works in Progress

    More Info
  • Celine Rosenthal

    Celine Rosenthal

    '06 (BFA, Drama)

    Entering her second year as Associate Artistic Director at Asolo Repertory Theatre, this season Celine will be also be directing The Lifespan of A Fact at Asolo, as well as Trayf by Lindsay Joelle at New Repertory Theatre in Boston.

  • Kings of the Earth

    Chris Stanton

    '93 (BFA, Dramatic Writing)

    Chris' first novel "Kings of the Earth" is now available in paperback and Kindle!

    More Info
  • Michelangelo Antonioni: Ambiguity in the Modernist Cinema

    Frank Tomasulo

    '73 (MA, Cinema Studies)

    Frank P. Tomasulo, Ph.D. published a book, Michelangelo Antonioni: Ambiguity and the Modernist Cinema (Lamert Academic Publishers, 2019).

  • Period House

    Liz Zimmerman

    '05 (BFA, Dramatic Writing)

    New play "Period House" produced by Liz Zimmerman in Philadelphia Fringe Festival 9/7 - 9/22