Bionce M. Doyle

Associate Director of Recruitment, Tisch Special Programs

Photo of Bi`Once Doyle

Meet Bi`Once Doyle, a Digital Marketing professional with a passion for media arts and a background in consumer behavior and data science. Bi`Once combines technical expertise with creative flair to elevate brand awareness and deliver data-driven insights.

With over seven years in the digital marketing industry, Bi`Once has collaborated with renowned brands and partnered with universities, leveraging a deep understanding of social media dynamics to craft compelling content, lead projects and events, and execute successful advertising campaigns. Embracing the art of data visualization, Bi`Once harnesses programming languages and analytics to refine and optimize marketing endeavors.

Bi`Once holds a Bachelor of Science in Biological Science from Fairleigh Dickinson University in Teaneck, NJ, where a commitment to fostering innovation and creativity blossomed.


Bachelor of Science
Biological Science
Fairleigh Dickinson University