Giada Ferrone


Giada Matteini

Giada Matteini born and raised in Florence-Italy, has worked as a performer, educator, choreographer, curator, producer and activist in New York City since 1998. With Italian parents and an American son, she has dedicated the past 10 years of her life to bridge the geographical distances of the 2 continents she inhabits. Giada is today the Artistic Director of Toscana Dance HUB/International, TDH Festival for Emerging Choreographers, The Larger WE performance series, the Agropoli Danza Festival, and the Second Avenue Dance Company. She is a dance professor at NYU Tisch School of the Arts in NYC and has traveled as a guest artist to Germany, Sweden, Austria, China, The Philippines, Mexico and across the U.S. and Italy. Giada today performs with JENNIFERCHINdance, Molissa Fenley and Company and teaches company class for the Limón Dance Company. 

As a company director she has produced and/or facilitated over 60 residencies with international artists including Roy Assaf (Roy Assaf Dance), Davide Di Pretoro (Sasha WaltZ), Janet Wong (Bill T Jones), Diane Madden (Trisha Brown Dance Company), Kirsten Foote (Limon Dance Company), Cindy Salgado (Crystal Pite), Rashaun Mitchell (Merce Cunningham Dance Company), Netta Yerushalmy, Stefanie Batten Bland, Bobbi Jene Smith, Loni Landon, Gregory Dolbashian (Dash Ensemble), Shannon Gillen (Vim Vigor), Nathan Trice, Vita Osojnik, Charlotte Boye-Christenson, Cora Bos-Kroese (NDT), Richard Chen See (Paul Taylor Dance Company), Arcell Carbuag (Ronald K. Brown Evidence), Madboots, Sonya Tayeh, Studio Wayne McGregor, Ori Flomin, Sadé and Kristina Alleyne, just to name a few.

Under the name WADEintoACTIVISM, she is organizing a virtual event space dedicated to 16 days of activism inspired by UN Women for November 2020. The event will present the works of a multi-generational, multicultural group of women artists reflecting on VAWG (violence against women and girls) and conversations with male artists and feminists activists from around the globe who engage men and boys in the prevention of gender based violence. The event welcomes disparate voices from the USA, Italy, France, Argentina, Canada, India, Iran, Ghana, Trinidad and Tobago and China.

Giada created and now directs, together with Spanish musician and composer Toni Costa, a dance accompaniment training program in Florence and Agropoli, Italy called Music HUB.

Covid-19 has exposed our human fragility and it has inspired her to continue connecting with like-minded creatives across the globe in pursuit of authentic connections and long-lasting solutions. She is an avid supporter and advocate for high quality education for all children of the world, she rejects violence of any kind and stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.


- Second Avenue Dance Company Ballet and Projects Class
- Classical Partnering
- BFA/MFA Ballet