Apply for a Certificate

The following rules apply:

  • Students must satisfy the certificate program requirements listed for the certificate.
  • All courses to be applied to a given certificate must be completed, with weight grades (A, B, or C). Students must earn a C or better G.P.A. to earn the certificate.
  • Certificate must be completed within a period of one or two successive summers. 
  • Regular class attendance is required in order for a course to be used toward a certificate program.
  • Credit courses cannot be used towards the certificate.
  • Non-credit courses cannot be applied to a degree program.
  • Once a course is applied to a certificate, it cannot be used to complete any other certificate. Non-credit certificates are granted based on content and a total number of in-class contact hours.
  • Certificate course substitutions must be applied for and approval must be attained prior to registering for the course.  To apply, students should complete the substitution request form and submit to Tisch Special Programs.  Approval can normally be attained three days after form submission. 

To Apply for your Certificate:

After you have completed all certificate courses/requirements, submit a cover letter requesting the specific certificate along with a copy of your transcript to:

Certificate Requests
Tisch Special Programs, New York University
721 Broadway, 12th Floor
New York, NY 10003


Please note: Should a course substitution be necessary, please include the Substitution Form with your cover letter and transcript.