Summer Drama Intensives

Instructor working with a student in an acting studio

Tisch Studio Intensive

New Studio Music Theatre Summer Intensive (In-Person)

THEA-UT 330 | 8 units | Summer Session II

The New Studio on Broadway offers a rigorous, five-week (6 days per week), professional training program for the musical theatre performer. This intensive offers students the opportunity to be immersed in the core essentials of the New Studio's musical theatre curriculum and will be taught by a faculty of working professionals. Students will have weekly classes in Acting (acting technique, Shakespeare, contemporary monologue study, voice & speech, mask work); Singing (singing technique, vocal performance, vocal book preparation, sight-singing); and Dance/Movement (yoga, ballet, jazz, tap). There will also be a series of Master Classes taught by award-winning actors, directors, choreographers, and musical directors. This intensive culminates with a professional feedback session where students share their work and receive constructive comments and suggestions from invited Industry Professionals (casting directors, agents, directors, choreographers, musical directors and Broadway actors.) 

Audition required. 

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Instruction from Tisch Partner Intensives

Tisch Drama partners with several New York City-based studios to provide training for credit to Tisch Drama majors and visiting university students. 

Adler Summer Conservatory (In-Person)

THEA-UT 200, Section 001 | 8 units | Instructor: Check Albert

The Summer Conservatory is one of the most popular summer programs at the Stella Adler Studio and in the nation. Students from all over the world come to experience this rigorous foundation-building course which approximates a full term of our Professional Conservatory and NYU Tisch School of the Arts program. It is officially approved by the National Association of Schools of Theatre as a summer training program. The program ends with a presentation of contemporary and classical scene work. We find the growth demonstrated by the end of the ten weeks palpable, deeply encouraging and an affirmation of our belief that “growth as an actor and growth as a human being are synonymous.” Offered in the summer only, this is a 10-week, 22-hour-per-week intensive held in New York City. 

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Adler Shakespeare Intensive (In-Person)

THEA-UT 200, Section 002 | 6 units | Instructor: Check Albert

In response to Ms. Adler’s profound insight into the vital importance of Shakespeare to the life of the actor and the life of her Studio we have organized an advanced summer intensive. Broadway veteran Steve Maurice Jones will be leading the intensive teaching Classical Scene Study. Alongside Mr. Jones is Broadway Fight Director J. Steven White, one of the country’s leading stage combat instructors and Andrew Wade, former head of voice at the Royal Shakespeare Company. Verse is taught by Associate Artistic Director Angela Vitale, veteran actress of over 30 classical productions in New York. Classes are supplemented by weekly master classes with industry leaders and academics. Offered in the summer only, this is a five-week, 30-hour per week intensive designed for the advanced actor to further develop his/her sense of the epic size of theater. Weekly Classes: Classical Scene Study Verse & Text Stage Combat Voice & Speech Movement, Guest Master Classes.

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Adler Chekhov Intensive (In-Person)

THEA-UT 200, Section 003 | 6 units | Instructor: Check Albert

In accordance with Stella Adler’s words, the Stella Adler Studio of Acting has created an advanced-level summer intensive which endeavors to illuminate modern realism through the lens of its greatest practitioner. Anton Chekhov offers plays with roots as deep as Sophocles and branches that reach to Beckett, Williams, August Wilson and beyond. His plays are deeply human offering the world a mirror in which we can see our deepest selves. He offers true substance to the studio’s central claim that “growth as an actor and growth as a human being are synonymous.” Master Teacher Sam Schacht leads this intensive with his modern realism scene study class. Yale Professor of Directing, David Chambers, will bring the final phase of Stanislavski’s life’s work, featuring improvisations called études, to the Chekhov Intensive. Additional courses in Voice & Speech and Movement will supplement these classes. Offered in the summer only, this is a five-week, 30-hour per week intensive designed for the advanced actor.

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Atlantic Half-Day Intensive (In-Person)

THEA-UT 210, Section 002 | 4 units | Instructor: Check Albert

Running for six weeks, the Atlantic Half-Day Intensive is a rigorous program that challenges students to embody Atlantic’s Acting Technique, Practical Aesthetics – as outlined in A Practical Handbook for the Actor. Students will be instructed in a disciplined approach in these courses: Script Analysis, Moment Lab, Performance Technique, and Voice. 

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Atlantic Full-Time Intensive (In-Person)

THEA-UT 210, Section 003 | 8 units | Instructor: Check Albert

An ambitious six-week course, the Summer Intensive fully immerses students in Atlantic’s signature acting technique and collaborative approach to truthful storytelling Monday through Friday with a Guest class offered on Saturdays. Students work with dramatic texts and are instructed in a disciplined approach to script analysis and working truthfully moment-to-moment. These skills are brought together in a classroom performance of the material. The program introduces the technique through three core courses: Script Analysis, Moment Lab and Performance Technique. Further training in classes complementary to scene study include Voice, Speech, Movement, and Improvisation.

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Stonestreet Film & TV Intensive I (In-Person)

THEA-UT 421 | 8 units | Instructor: Check Albert

The Stonestreet Screen Acting Workshop offers a professional environment in which to continue and broaden training, adapt theater skills and embrace the art of film acting and directing, and experience the film and television mediums, from the audition phase through to the production and post-production phases, completing their first or early professional work before they graduate. Students experience the unique challenges of acting on sets for all size screens, from three camera set-ups and the big screen arena to the iPod, by continuing to build on and surmount their previous training by playing challenging and varied roles in original films, sit-coms, dramatic series, and PSAs. Students learn to embrace both naturalism and character work that is both believable and interesting on camera and work on a variety of material from original unproduced film & TV material to film classics as well as adaptations of modern classic and classical material. Stonestreet's multi-tiered audition class allows students to become practiced, professional auditioners while making industry contacts with agents and casting directors on a weekly basis for the entire semester. All student work is recorded, editors help students compile actor reels after Stonestreet I or during Stonestreet II and final projects are showcased on Stonestreet's movie website.

Note: Note: This course is open to all NYU & visiting students. Call (212) 229-0020 for Stonestreet orientation.

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Stonestreet Film & TV Intensive II (In-Person)

THEA-UT 422 | 8 units | Instructor: Check Albert

Prerequisite: THEA-UT 421 Stonestreet I

Stonestreet II includes a special collaboration with the NYU Tisch School of the Arts Goldberg Dept. of Dramatic Writing in our Annual Film Festival that creates feature & short screenplays, TV pilots and series, specifically for our advanced returning Stonestreet students along with advanced coursework. Many of our shorts and features continue to be presented in film festivals and win awards, opening new doors for actors to the industry, directors, producers and writers.

Students shoot professionally lit, directed and edited films of original material which can include classical adaptations as well. Participating in Stonestreet's new web series allows students to work on detailed characters that are specifically designed for them, participate in full-blown production from the start of the semester, and have an accessible, professional way to showcase their work. Student involvement is from preproduction to production as well as from the editing process where a good deal more about acting is learned.

Notes: Specialized programs for directing, producing, and writing are set up on an individual basis with students each semester. An interview with the program director and/or managing director is necessary. Contact Monique Ford ( to set up an interview.

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Additional summer 2024 studio trainings are listed in Albert, but are reserved for Tisch Drama majors only.