Summer Drama Intensives

Instructor working with a student in an acting studio

Instruction from Tisch Partner Intensives

Tisch Drama partners with several New York City-based studios to provide training for credit to Tisch Drama majors and visiting university students. 

Precise information about summer 2021 will be announced on March 22, 2021, when the course search opens. Courses below reflect what was offered in summer 2020.

Atlantic Summer I - Half Day (Online)

THEA-UT 210, Class #3442 | 4 units | Instructor: Mary McCann

This course will meet online for summer 2020.

Founded by playwright David Mamet and actor William H. Macy in 1983, the Atlantic Acting School is dedicated to training in the Practical Aesthetics Technique. Outlined in the book A Practical Handbook for the Actor, Practical Aesthetics is both a philosophy of theatre and a technique of acting. The simple objective of the technique is to provide the student-actor with a set of clearly defined and repeatable acting principles and skills. We seek to demystify the process of acting with an approach that aims at objectivity, clarity, and practical habits. This intensive program offers an introduction to Practical Aesthetics through three main elements of the technique: Script Analysis, Performance Technique, and Moment Lab. In addition to these technique classes, students will receive training in Vocal Production.

Atlantic Summer I is a half-day program worth 4 units. Interview required. Please contact Christopher Booth:

After registering at NYU, please call the Atlantic Acting School for orientation at (212) 691-5919, ext.1171. All students are required to read the book A Practical Handbook for the Actor before starting classes.

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Stella Adler Black Arts Theatre Intensive (ONLINE)

THEA-UT 200, Class #3690 | 6 units | Instructor: Check Albert

The Black Arts Theater Summer Intensive is a five-week-long comprehensive exploration of the history of the contemporary Black theater tradition, highlighting key historical moments like the Harlem Renaissance, the Black Power movement and the genesis of the Negro Ensemble Company, as well as many Black theaters that emerged during the Black Arts Movement.

Students will leave with an understanding of the aesthetic, socio-cultural and historical components involved in bringing contemporary Black theater to life.

Classes Have Included:

Scene Study and Script Analysis with Stephen McKinley Henderson, Michele Shay, Ruben Santiago-Hudson and Phylicia Rashad
Music with Bill Sims, Jr.
Dance with Camille A. Brown
Movement and Gesture with Danyon Davis
Voice and Dialect with Chantal Jean-Pierre
Master Classes with Guest Artists, to be determined at the discretion of the founding members

Public Lecture Series with founding members, scholars and descendants of the Black Arts Theater Movement, featuring Dr. Sonia Sanchez

This course takes place at the Billie Holiday Theatre/RestorationART in Bedstuy, Brooklyn.

Note: Audition Required. This Intensive is designed for actors with prior training. Please call the Stella Adler Studio of Acting at (212) 689-0087 for an audition appointment before submitting the registration materials.

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Stella Adler Summer Conservatory (Online)

THEA-UT 200, Class #3674 | 8 units | Instructor: Thomas Oppenheim

The Summer Conservatory is one of the most popular summer programs at the Stella Adler Studio and in the nation. Students from all over the world come to experience this rigorous foundation-building course which approximates a full term of our NYU Tisch School of the Arts program. It is officially approved by the National Association of Schools of Theatre as a summer training program. Classes include Acting Technique, Scene Study, Shakespeare, Improvisation, Movement, Voice & Speech, Ensemble Building and Acting for Film & Television. The program ends with a presentation of contemporary and classical scene work. We find the growth demonstrated by the end of the ten weeks palpable, deeply encouraging and an affirmation of our belief that “growth as an actor and growth as a human being are synonymous.” Offered in the summer only, this is a ten-week, 22-hour-per-week intensive held in New York City.

Interview required. Please call the Stella Adler Studio of Acting at (212) 689-0087 for an interview appointment before submitting the registration materials. Classes are held at 65 Broadway, 2nd floor.

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Stonestreet Film & TV Intensive I (Online)

THEA-UT 421 | 8 units | Instructor: Check Albert

The Stonestreet Screen Acting Workshop offers a professional environment in which to continue and broaden training, adapt theater skills and embrace the art of film acting and directing, and experience the film and television mediums, from the audition phase through to the production and post-production phases, completing their first or early professional work before they graduate. Students experience the unique challenges of acting on sets for all size screens, from three camera set-ups and the big screen arena to the iPod, by continuing to build on and surmount their previous training by playing challenging and varied roles in original films, sit-coms, dramatic series, and PSAs. Students learn to embrace both naturalism and character work that is both believable and interesting on camera and work on a variety of material from original unproduced film & TV material to film classics as well as adaptations of modern classic and classical material. Stonestreet's multi-tiered audition class allows students to become practiced, professional auditioners while making industry contacts with agents and casting directors on a weekly basis for the entire semester. All student work is recorded, editors help students compile actor reels after Stonestreet I or during Stonestreet II and final projects are showcased on Stonestreet's movie website.

Note: Note: This course is open to all NYU & visiting students. Call (212) 229-0020 for Stonestreet orientation.

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Stonestreet Film & TV Intensive II (Online)

THEA-UT 422 | 8 units | Instructor: Check Albert

Prerequisite: THEA-UT 421 Stonestreet I

Stonestreet II includes a special collaboration with the NYU Tisch School of the Arts Goldberg Dept. of Dramatic Writing in our Annual Film Festival that creates feature & short screenplays, TV pilots and series, specifically for our advanced returning Stonestreet students along with advanced coursework. Many of our shorts and features continue to be presented in film festivals and win awards, opening new doors for actors to the industry, directors, producers and writers.

Students shoot professionally lit, directed and edited films of original material which can include classical adaptations as well. Participating in Stonestreet's new web series allows students to work on detailed characters that are specifically designed for them, participate in full-blown production from the start of the semester, and have an accessible, professional way to showcase their work. Student involvement is from preproduction to production as well as from the editing process where a good deal more about acting is learned.

Notes: Specialized programs for directing, producing, and writing are set up on an individual basis with students each semester. An interview with the program director and/or managing director is necessary. Contact Monique Ford ( to set up an interview.

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Strasberg Summer Intensive (Online)

THEA-UT 260 | 8 units | Instructor: Anna Strasberg

The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute offers students an introductory course to Lee Strasberg’s Method, an acting technique in which personal experiences are used to create truth in imaginary circumstances. Students are required to take two four-hour Method Acting classes with two different teachers in order to gain varying perspectives on their work. The first half of each Acting class is devoted to a sequence of sensory exercises; the second half of class consists of scene and monologue work, during which time students apply what they have learned in their exercises to the roles on which they are working.

Improvisation is used to help create the habit of living through real experience. This approach gives the acting student a conscious craft, while helping to prevent the inconsistencies that can plague the untrained actor. In addition to the two four-hour acting classes, students choose from electives, which include Acting for Film and TV, Acting on Camera, Audition, Singing, Speech, Dialects, Vocal Production, Movement, Tai Chi, Physical Technique, Basic Dance, Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Script Analysis, Shakespeare at the Globe, Theatre History and others. Studio classes encompass the full range of today’s acting medium, including on-camera work in a state-of-the-art digital film studio, and electives are consistently updated, as well as added, in order to stay cutting edge and relevant in the evolving professional landscape of theatrical arts.

Notes: Interview required. Please contact Emily Kirn: Once you have registered, please call Strasberg at (212) 533-5500 to arrange your schedule. Please be sure to mention you are coming for the NYU Summer session to the receptionist. 

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