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b12 - the festival for contemporary dance and performance art in berlin 2023 - is here to bring a new release to the ever growing power inside of you! this summer, you can experience an incredible four weeks running throughout the month of july, filled with workshops, performances and other exciting projects. though the b12 summer festival is our main event and flagship, you can also check out our latest, week-long spring and fall satellite programs. these three festivals are happening in person and on site here in berlin, at the studios and theatres, with all of the participants, teachers and choreographers.

over the course of all three festivals, you will have the opportunity to dance alongside, and learn from, an extensive array of inspiring teachers, artists and choreographers from all over the world, that are coming together to share their passion and knowledge with you and your fellow students in an exquisite studio environment, nestled in the nature of the city.

whether you only want to watch performances or take part in the workshops - b12 welcomes you to experience it all. the performances and events are open to everyone. you can explore all that we will have on offer, as for shows and events, in the performances section of the menu bar.

while the field of contemporary dance and performance art is, and has been, the focal point and heart of b12 over time, this year’s festival aims to bring even more power to the unconventional by dedicating itself to nurturing and inspiring artists who are taking physical and emotional risks on and off stage, bringing more connection through the experimentations of movement and theatre of every kind.

we welcome you to choose from over 80 of the workshops and research experts at the festival this year, with long workshop times that give you a chance to deepen your journey in pursuit of artistic growth and exploration. you will receive new tools and inspiration to find freedom to release the ever growing force inside of you. here at b12, you become part of a curious community that cares about the untold and immensities of the unexplained, whether it's cerebral, physical or anything in between. daily vinyasa yoga classes are also open to all participants of the festival, free of charge. come willing and ready for new challenges and expansion, and your stay in berlin will give you an experience that you will never forget!

b12 is led by founders and artistic directors evangelos poulinas & johannes wieland.