Sneak Peek: Spring at Tisch Student Wei Han

Thursday, Jun 9, 2016

“Sight and Sound is a life-changing course for me.”  - Wei Han

Image of Wei Han

Wei Han

We sat down with Wei Han, a 22 year old art and architecture student from L.A.’s Southern California Institute of Architecture.  A sophomore who originally hails from China, Wei was studying film as part of the Spring at Tisch Program. The program gives visiting undergraduate students the opportunity to spend a semester immersing themselves in emerging media or the cinematic or performing arts in one of the world’s leading arts schools.

Wei talked about living in NY, mixing his architecture background into his newfound passion for film, and how Spring at Tisch has impacted his life.  Reflecting on the intensive Sight and Sound Filmmaking course, Wei said:

“I know for some Tisch students it’s just a sophomore production course, nothing special, but for me, because I’m a visiting student, this is my only semester here, so I tried as hard as possible to make good films and I learned so much throughout the semester in terms of techniques and like the people I met, the friends I met.  And I think, in terms of the future, I think my world is wider, you know? I can do films, even if I don’t continue to, I don’t major in film.  I can still do a music video... I can still do a promotional video for my company, so I think that definitely opens a new chapter of my life.”

Wei Han being interviewed in front of the camera.

Image courtesy of Tisch Special Programs

He has experience in a variety of creative disciplines, from fine arts to photography, graphic design, and even fashion. It’s that creative spirit that pushed him to pursue his undergraduate studies abroad. On being an international student, Wei said:

“I want to be creative, I want to be free. I want to do things that I love, so I feel like maybe going abroad was a better choice for me. I just feel like I have more room, more freedom, here in the United that’s why I’m here.”

Stay tuned for video with Wei! For more info on the Spring at Tisch program, click here. The application for spring 2017 will go live on Monday, June 27, 2016.