Reflections on "How Arts Create the World"

Monday, Oct 18, 2010

Casey Craig, one of our Spring 2009 "How Arts Create the World" participants, shares her thoughts on how her experiences through our Study Abroad Program in Dublin influenced her steps after graduation: "In the spring semester of 2009, I attended Tisch s Dublin study abroad program and participated in the Create Learning Development Program. The collaborative community arts program consisted of a wide variety of modules, covering an examination of contemporary arts practitioners, both Irish and international, and how their works could be beneficial to their communities. Lectures and seminars incorporated presentations by the artists themselves, as well as group discussions amongst the students regarding our individual projects and challenges we were potentially facing in our individual work. Along with my partner, a fine arts major from the Dublin Institute of Technology, I devised a two-hour walking tour of the Dublin neighborhood of Ballybough. The tour was efficiently executed by our designated community, a women s education group from the Larkin Centre. Our project focused on an examination of place from a psycho-geographical context. The tour encompassed locations that held some degree of historical significance, involving national, local and personal narratives. A few site examples include: a local church, Croke Park, the reputed burial place of Bram Stoker, and a former Magdalene laundry. Participants in the tour consisted of family and friends; local college students and professors; and visiting arts practitioners, including the renowned performance artist Peggy Shaw. As the only performance-based project in that year s exhibition, "Discover Ballybough" was highly regarded and hugely successful, receiving a write-up in the Irish Sunday Times. I benefited from the Create Learning Development Program on several levels. First of all, it gave me an invaluable experience as a theatre artist to venture outside of my comfort zone, and learn from peers who came from starkly different aesthetic backgrounds to my own. Create gave me the wonderful opportunity to befriend students from DIT, NCAD and Dun Laogharie, who deeply enriched my study abroad experience, both academically and socially. Furthermore, working collaboratively with a community group provided me with a unique perspective on Irish culture and the city of Dublin, as a "tourist" privy to the uncensored opinions, ideas and emotions of the locals. My participation in the Create program was one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life, and I encourage young artists to engage in it for themselves. My time spent in Tisch s Dublin program directly influenced my decision to pursue a Masters degree after graduating from NYU. Based on my deep appreciation for Irish culture and the exceptional education system in Ireland, I decided to attend Trinity College Dublin. I am currently enrolled in a one year Masters program in Philosophy of Theatre and Performance. I am extremely happy at TCD, and I am currently residing in an apartment with a friend from NCAD who I met through the Create program. And I remain thoroughly convinced that my involvement with Create directly contributed to my acceptance into Trinity s postgraduate program. For an undergraduate study abroad program, NYU s Tisch Dublin is a worthwhile and wonderful place to be!" Interested in learning more about our Study Abroad Programs? Visit: