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FACULTY Research Working Group

Research Working Group

Research Working Group Retreat 2019

The Faculty Research Working Group (RWG) is comprised of faculty from every academic department at Tisch. As an advisory body, RWG works with the Initative to shape its mission and programming in support of all forms of research undertaken by members of the Tisch community. Additionally, the RWG also partners with the Tisch Office of Faculty, and in 2018-19 will assist with the development of discipline-specific frameworks for evaluating creative research in faculty promotion and review processes.

Fall 2019 - Fall 2021            
Scott Illingworth Rosemary Quinn
Scott Miller Andy Teirstein
Mo Ogrodnik
Harry Winer
Pamela Pietro Mimi Yin
Spring 2018 - Fall 2019             
Patricia Beaman Robert Lee Rosemary Quinn
Caitlin Berrigan Andre Lepecki Cari Ann Shim Sham                      
Mary Bitel Anna McCarthy                             Julie Sloane
Cusi Charlotte Cram Erin Mee Andy Teirstein
Clara Fernandez-Vara Scott Miller Harry Winer
Terry Curtis Fox Lorie Novak Robert Yang
Pato Hebert Mo Ogrodnik Mimi Yin
Scott Illingworth Pamela Pietro Eric Zimmerman


Fall 2016 - Fall 2017                        
Caitlin Berrigan Andre Lepecki Andy Teirstein
Sebastian Calderon Bentin Scott Miller Peter Terezakis                              
Carol Dysinger Peter Ross Newman                       John Tintori
Clara Fernandez-Vara Lorie Novak Zipora Trope
Pato Hebert Mo Ogrodnik Harry Winer
Scott Illingworth Pamela Pietro Mimi Yin
Mona Jimenez Rosemary Quinn  
Toby Lee Shelley Rice  


Fall 2014 - Spring 2016           
Awam Ampka Ian Ellis James Shelley Rice
Campbell Baird Jamie Jewett Noel Rodriguez
Patricia Beaman Mona Jimenez Louis Scheeder
Fred Carl Terry Knickerbocker                       Paul Steinberg
Betsy Coker Kevin Kuhlke Diana Taylor
Carol Dysinger Toby Lee Peter Terezakis
Randall Eng Robert Lee John Tintori
Clara Fernandez-Vara Anna McCarthy Zipora Trope
Craig Foisy Dylan McKenzie Shawn Van Every
Kate Gibson Scott Miller Joseph Vinciguerra                       
Daniel Goldfarb Peter Ross Newman Bob Vorlicky
Allyson Green Lorie Novak Mimi Yin
Tom Igoe Tavia Nyong'o Eric Zimmerman
Scott Illingworth Mo Ogrodnik Marina Zurkow