Chloe Rahal

Student Assistant

Headshot of Chloe

Chloe Rahal is the student assistant for Tisch Creative Research. She is a New York-based actor, producer, and director, currently a senior at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, majoring in drama with double minors in producing and cinema studies. Chloe's passion for cinema as a storytelling medium has taken her abroad to work in the entertainment industry in multiple aspects.

With a rich background in both performance and behind-the-scenes work, she has contributed to numerous theatrical and filmed productions, including four feature films. She’s edited scripts for Silverlight Pictures, as well as actively collaborating with multiple New York-based film festivals, namely the Reel Sisters Film Festival. Her involvement with the Broadway League as a consultant has further immersed her in the theatrical landscape of New York City.

Most recently, Chloe worked as an intern in the production department at Saturday Night Live, gaining firsthand experience in the late night television scene. As the department assistant for Tisch Creative Research, she greatly enjoys the melding of the academic and creative work she's been a part of throughout the years.