Thank You and an Announcement from the Chair

Wednesday, May 16, 2018



Dear DPI Community,

As the semester draws to a close this week, I am reflecting on the past year of DPI's classes and events. We made a difference as a close-knit department of individuals who care about the world around us and on the 8th floor. It's been a busy year as we introduce the Class of 2022 to our world and as we prepare the Class of 2018 for changes after graduation. I thank all of you for contributing to our ongoing work.

I write also to share an important transition that will take place in the coming weeks and that is the departure of Karl Peterson, our beloved Technical Director, from DPI. The growth and the stability of this department has a lot to do with Karl's leadership. It is both bittersweet and joyful as we encourage Karl to pursue his art practice. I personally thank him and I know all of you will do the same when you see him in the halls.  

Thank you,

Deborah Willis, PhD
University Professor and Chair