Photography & Imaging facilities include three digital imaging Mac labs, equipped with the latest Adobe software, Epson 17" high quality printers, and a variety of Epson and Imacon scanners, and two large traditional Black and White Darkrooms. We also have dedicated individual digital video editing suites, a 19th century techniques darkroom, two photography studios, and a print finishing area that includes equipment for drying, mounting, and matting photographs. Our classrooms are equipped with computers and either data projectors or 80" television monitors, and space for viewing print work.

Our inventory of equipment includes over 120 cameras ranging from 35mm to 8x10 large format film cameras, small and medium format digital cameras, digital video cameras, multiple varieties of both continuous light sources and electronic flash for location and studio work, grip equipment, and sound recording equipment.

image of 8th floor gallery

The DPI Galleries

The 8th Floor Gallery (left) is one of two exhibition spaces located within the Department of Photography & Imaging. The second is the Gulf + Western Gallery, in the lobby of the Tisch building at 721 Broadway.

Photo of the DPI library

The DPI Library

The mission of the Department of Photography & Imaging Library is to provide primary source materials, photography subject books, exhibition catalogs, and offer access to resources focusing on the history of photography, art theory, critical studies, new media studies, art history, art journals, contemporary art and selected photography biographies and other community based projects looking at social practice. It is also a place where students, alumni and faculty view videos, complete assignments and scan materials related to their assignments and their own art works.


Equipment Rental Information

The Equipment Cage has a wide variety of equipment available for student usage. 

  • 35mm film cameras
  • Medium format film cameras
  • Large format film cameras
  • DSLR and mirrorless digital cameras
  • Video and audio recording equipment
  • Lighting equipment for studio and location use
  • Accessories such as tripods, reflectors, cords, etc

Certain items require a tech-out (training session) with a member of the technical staff.

Who is eligible to rent equipment?

Photography & Imaging majors have access to all equipment. 

Students enrolled in a Photography & Imaging studio production course who have paid the lab fee have access to equipment relevant to their class. Advanced equipment requires instructor permission and a tech-out. 

If you are not a photo major and are not enrolled in a DPI course this semester, you are not eligible to borrow equipment.

Equipment Cage Phone Number: 212-998-1925

To reserve equipment, you may call the Cage or email Caleb Savage.

To reserve studios, you must come in person and sign up at the Cage.


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