Digilab Help

Technical Assistants ("TA")

When you have exhausted your own gray matter in trying to solve your problem, Cage TAs and Digi TAs are available to help you. Cage TAs can replenish ink and clean the heads on the printers at any time, as well as help you navigate the eccentricities of the equipment and labs at the Department of Photography & Imaging. 

Digital Lab Assistants ("Digi TA")

Have a computer-based project that needs some attention or want to streamline your workflow? Schedule an appointment with a Digital Lab Assistant ("Digi TA") and tackle your troubles one-on-one!

Note: Requires sign in to your Google Account to utilize Google Appointment Slots. Appointments are 30 minutes, but you may book multiple sessions, if needed. Please be on time and have your materials with you to begin promptly at the start of your appointment.

Report a Problem - Let us know what's funky!

Please tell us if something is broken or wonky. You can fill out this form with as much detail as possible, email us, or stop by and see us. 

Technical Staff

The Tech Team is also available to help you with your technical questions and projects. You may approach us Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm, and please be aware that your problem may take some time to solve. We are also always available by email.

For a Tech Out on select equipment, please make an appointment with one of us in advance and reserve the station or equipment at the Cage for your appointment time.

If you need help with video or audio projects, then please make an appointment with Edgar or a Digital Lab Assistant and set aside a good chunk of time for your project.

Wide Format Archival Inkjet Printing

The Epson 44-inch inkjet print systems are shared workstations for wide format archival inkjet print needs.

Proper training is required. Tech Out sessions will take place every other Friday @ 1PM.

For Spring 2020, these dates are:

Workstation Hours - Spring 2020

  Open Close
Monday to Thursday 10am 11:30pm*
Friday 10am 9:30pm*
Saturday Noon 7:30pm*


Time Restrictions

  • Reservations can be made in two-hour increments with a maximum of four hours per day per user.
  • Four hours of use must be booked as two consecutive slots.
  • Reservations are held up to 30 minutes past appointment time.
  • *Last print must start 30 minutes prior to close.