In Pursuit of Beauty by DPI Chair Dr. Deborah Willis reviewed in Photograph Magazine

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Photograph of wire dress mannequin in closet

Courtesy Deborah Willis

In Pursuit of Beauty: Imaging Closets in Newark and Beyond, a current exhibition of photographs by Photography & Imaging Chair Dr. Deborah Willis, received a favorable review in Photograph Magazine. The exhibition was curated by Dr. Kalia Brooks Nelson, who is also a member of the Photography & Imaging faculty at Tisch.

Penned by Diana McClure, who has worked as a teaching assistant in several DPI classes, the review highlights the historical threads which run through Dr. Willis's art and scholarly work.

"A conceptual investigation of the performance of identity, self-fashioning, and the metaphor of the “closet” underlies the curatorial intent of the exhibition. The accessibility of the work, a result of Willis’s choice of subjects, content, and materials (archival pigment prints and low-tech adhesive vinyl), opens it up to a broad audience, in keeping with the studio’s mission of community inclusion."