DPI Senior Munachi Osegbu featured in Vice i-D

Monday, Apr 30, 2018

Afrofuturist portrait by Munachi Osegbu

Munachi Osegbu

DPI Senior Munachi Osegbu's Afrofuturism-inspired shoot was recently featured in Vice's i-D Magazine.

“Representation and perception is key to how we understand each other as humans,” Munachi adds. “Whether it be through film, fashion, music, visual art or any creative practice, we can help change people’s perceptions. As man and machine come closer together, Afrofuturism will be what many turn to as not only a cultural aesthetic, but a philosophy to explore the intersection of the African Diaspora with science and technology.”

Munachi's senior thesis project is currently on view in the Photography & Imaging gallery, 721 Broadway 8th floor.