PS B.A. Stachy Saint-Gerard co-produces the Sativa Sessions

Wednesday, Apr 14, 2021

Two hands, one holding a joint

The Sativa Sessions

Performance Studies B.A. candidate Stachy Saint-Gerard  is co-producing the Sativa Sessions, hosted by music collective Social Lubricant. 

The Social Lubricant is hosting its first ever 4/20 smoker-friendly event called "Sativa Sessions" in honor of the efforts of The Last Prisoner Project. The Last Prisoner Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to decriminalizing those incarcerated with cannabis offenses. They provide a range of resources such as re-entry resources, removal of cannabis crimes from permanent records, covid-19 programs, employment assistance, financial assistance and so much more! Sativa Sessions will take place on 4/20 @8pm and can be streamed through YouTube Livestream. The smoker-friendly show will include NYC based artists. The super-talented lineup will include Classix the Writer, Ibi Han, Isaiah Keaton, Matt Pi$ton, Saagar Chandiramani, Stachy, Tehilah and Yaya. Make sure to RSVP to keep up to date with Sativa Sessions using the link down below. To keep up with the Social Lubricant you can follow us on instagram @social.lubricant. To donate and/or support The Last Prisoner Project you can check out their website for more information at

The Social Lubricant is a music collective dedicated towards giving a platform to marginalized artists to showcase their talent. We were founded in the Fall semester of 2020 during a Producing Live Music Events class by Andrea Cabassa, Saagar Chandiramani, Riona Guha and Stachy Saint-Gerard. Our first show "Quarantine Tunes" left the team on a creative high. With marijuana becoming legalized and accepted throughout the country we found it fitting to host a 4/20 smoker-friendly music concert. Although the Social Lubricant started off as a school project it has now become a passion project. We hope that everyone tunes in to Sativa Sessions with us ready to vibe out and tap in to the music of our extremely talented lineup!