Ph.D. Candidate Yarden Stern published in most recent issue of TDR

Thursday, Sep 16, 2021


Segev as her American girl persona, with her avatar double projected behind her. Ita Segev in Knot in My Name. Gibney Dance, New York, 2019. (Photo by Scott Shaw; courtesy of Ita Segev)

Ph.D. Candidate Yarden Stern piece, "Gender and Nation Tightly Bound: Ita Segev’s Knot in My Name," was published in the most recent edition of TDR. 

Knot in My Name is a transfeminine, anti-Zionist performance... it is an elaborate journey into a riddled psyche as it is attempting to synthesize the marginalization of transgender identity and a history of violent complicity in the occupation of Palestine. Embracing this abundance, Knot in My Name is at once a solo show, performance art, a dance and movement piece, and a political document, expressed through a synthesis of experimental and multimedia performance

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