André Lepecki: "The Future of Disappearance" at the Sydney Biennale

Thursday, Mar 10, 2016

Associate Professor André Lepecki will be the Curatorial Attaché to the Sydney Biennale, programming the section "The Future of Disappearance" with works by artists Mette Edvardsen and Ricardo Basbaum.

Performance theory has conceived disappearance as inexorable movement towards the past. But what if disappearance is the condition for making futures, the necessary act through which the struggles over present conditions of living take place? In this case, the future of disappearance would have to be planned, diagrammed, choreographed. In this talk, Lepecki addresses the chronopolitics of disappearance by discussing the works of Edvardsen and Basbaum presented at the Biennale.

The 20th Sydney Biennale will take place March 18 - June 5, 2016.