PSE: Performance Studies Experience

PSE: Performance Studies Experience

PSE: Performance Studies Experience


This series is designed to address the unique needs of performance studies majors. These undergraduate information sessions help to ensure a smooth transition to and journey through the Performance Studies university experience. Presentations will provide a continued awareness of campus resources for new and continuing students, highlighting existing programs and campus resources. PSE features collaborations between faculty, school and university staff, and student leaders to provide support for study away planning, career development, engagement in co-curricular and extracurricular activities, academic research, academic resources, and more. 

Fall 2021

Library Orientation for Students in Performance Studies | September 10th

When: Friday, September 10th @ 10 am

Where: NYU Zoom Registration Link

Who: Librarian Jill Conte

This session will help you move beyond Google and take your research skills to the next level using the vast resources available to you through NYU Libraries.  It will cover what every student needs to know about library research: from the basics of searching the library catalog and choosing the right database for your topic, to more advanced search techniques and resources. It will introduce you to a network of experts, services, collections, technologies, tools, and spaces that make up NYU Libraries, focusing on specialized resources for Performance Studies at NYU.  The goal of this session is to help you become a more efficient, effective, and critically engaged researcher.

Chair’s Get Together with International Student | September 10th


WHEN: September 10, 2021 12-1:30pm

WHERE: Washington Square Park RSVP HERE

Dear international PS student — greetings!

I would like to invite you all to a get together on Friday the 10th. Whether you are a BA, an MA or a PhD candidate; whether you are a first year student, or a seasoned ABD, new in the US, or an immigrant for a while, as long as you are an international student come meet your peers and share your experiences, puzzlements, questions, or simply your stories. This gathering will not be an official “orientation,” nor another “official welcome” — but simply an occasion for us all to assemble informally.  So… let’s get together, and just find an occasion to share ideas, stories  and know each other a bit better. Or, to paraphrase David Bowie, lets share the joy of “believing the strangest things, loving the alien”. 

We will meet iat WSP on Friday Sept. 10th, from 12 PM to 1:30 PM.


RSVP is required!!

Madrid Study Away/ Tisch Study Abroad Session | September 24th

WHEN: Friday, September 24th @ 10 am
WHERE: Register here for zoom session

Learn about PS's Global Site of Madrid from Global Programs  Representative Alejandro Marti, as well as the different programs Tisch Study Abroad has to offer from Director of Special Programs Mariangela Lardaro. Assistant Director of Programs Laura Fortes will also share how a semester abroad can work with your PS degree progress!



Applying to M.A. Programs | October 15th

WHEN: Friday, October 15th @ 10 am
WHERE: NYU Zoom Registration Link

This session is open to all B.A. students interested in applying to our/other M.A./graduate programs. Topics that will be discussed include creating an application timeline, registering for standardized tests such as the GRE, the Performance Studies M.A. application process, crafting an effective statement of purpose, financial aid and funding options, and current M.A. program trends. This session will be hosted by  Administrative and Academic Director Noel Rodriguez, and Assistant Director of Programs Laura Fortes

Applying to Academic Conferences | October 29th

WHEN: Friday, October 29th @ 10 am

Learn about the process for applying to academic conferneces. See how you can turn some of the work you are doing in PS classes into something ready for a conference! 

Writing Strategies | November 5th

When: Friday, November 5th @ 10 am

Where: TBD    

Disscuss different writing strategies with PS faculty ranging from academic to different creative writing styles. 



Spring 2022! Coming soon!