Magnus Elias Rosengarten

M.A. '17

Magnus Rosengarten

Magnus is particularly interested in the relationship between moving image, sound and live performance. He loves visual storytelling.

His work is deeply inspired and motivated by People of Color critique, Black Feminist thought and theories working within the larger Global African Diaspora. Currently, his focus lies on questions around Black fatherhood and its particular stigma within discourses of family structures in the West. He is also interested in identity questions of the mixed-race subject and what a certain proximity to whiteness does and not does. Where does theory begin and end, and how has Blackness and will continue to beautifully erupt those constructed boarders?


New York University

Master of Arts - Performance Studies

New York, New York


Humboldt University

Bachelor of Arts - American Studies and Area Studies Asia/Africa

Berlin, Germany 

Special Tidbits

• Magnus regularly publishes articles and interviews in "C&", Magazine for Contemporary Art from International Perspectives.

• Recipient of the DAAD Research and Travel Grant