Jamie Lee

M.A. '17

Jaime Lee

I am Jamie Lee, I am black, transgender/transexual womxn (in a subjected world), native american. I am invested in the ways in which blackness, language, the body, movement and aesthetic his/her-stories to allow for us to think about blackness in a way that can think pass land (cartography), that can think past spoken work (linguistics), that can think past the movement of the ways the body orients itself to land, resources, material, and its otherwise, which also  shifts towards Its fluidity and its trangressions. I also examine through performance praxis, the ways in which blackness can be centrered in a politic of neither past. nor present, neither visible, nor visible, and neither queer nor not queer because blackness functions as its quote/unquote "inherent". I want to think about black joy and its pain, depression in relation to its her/histories. I want to think through these complex works that doesn't allot blackness its place to be thought through as an intellectual framework.


New York University

Master of Arts - Performance Studies

New York, New York



University of California, San Diego

Bachelor of Arts with Honors - Ethnic Studies, double minor in Human Development & Global Health

San Diego, California

Awards & Distinctions

McNair Program Fellow, UCSD