Avon Bashida

M.A. '17

Avon Bashida

Subjects of bodily enclosure such as deterioration, melancholia, the confinement of physical and psychological space, have been turning points for my work, with visual symbols of the bed and the body reoccurring. The creation of pieces has been an incredible tool to interpret emotion, and visually communicate research gained scientifically and through experience.

Most of the works carry a three-way combination, either by how it is displayed; sound, installation and photographic work, or in the creation of interplay between pieces and elements.

The search lies in how to communicate personal emotion into a common understanding, for the relation of an audience, which is only possible when questioning how we experience emotion. The beginning of neurological mapping has changed the way we view emotions, and the photographic bombardment of our time, has changed the way we view ourselves.

I wish to place my work between the scopes of the two.


New York University

Master of Arts - Performance Studies

New York, New York


University of Westminster

Bachelor of Arts with Honors - Photographic Arts

London, England