Jiawen Hu

MA '16

Jiawen Hu

Jiawen was born and raised in China. As an undergraduate student and a semi-professional theatre director, Jiawen worked in both the professional and amateur theatre field. She is particularly interested in modernizing classical plays, especially Shakespeare’s “problem plays,” on stage. Additionally, Jiawen has been involved with lighting procedures, acting, and playwriting for various companies and organizations. Currently, Jiawen is interested in furthering her experiences through body training as well as by applying interdisciplinary media to the modernization of traditional plays, through continued research at New York University.


New York University

Master of Arts - Performance Studies

New York, New York


Zhejiang Gongshang University

Bachelor of Arts - English

Hangzhou, China

Awards Received

2014   Best Supporting Actress in SUNY Oswego

2012   Best Play in Shakespeare Drama Contest of ZJGSU

2012   Best Screenplay in Drama Contest among eight universities in Xiasha