SeungHyun Hwang

MA '15

SeungHyun Hwang

Originally from South Korea, SeungHyun Hwang is an actor, director, and play writer. He has various experiences of theatre in Korea and the United States. He has been interested in experimental performance. He tries to use various ways of communicate between the audiences and the performers through the audiences' participation in the performance, which will stimulate the audiences mentally and physically. They will have strong recollect of the performance through mental and physical stimulus of the performance.

In addition, his performance will help people to have right ideas and thoughts. Their right ideas and thoughts are able to lead that they do right behaviors. Hence, he has experimented various methods of communication in a performance, and the performance will assist the audiences have strong memory of the performance through their mental and physical participation in the performance and high possibilities to activate the theme of the performance like sharing the knowledge of the performance with their people. The performance, he would like to create, will be a bridge to connect and communicate between human and human, human and animal, and human and object.


New York University

Master of Arts - Performance Studies

New York, New York


Brooklyn College

Bachelor of Arts - Theater

Brooklyn, New York


The American Musical and Dramatic Academy

Certificate - Musical Theatre, The American Musical and Dramatic Academy

New York, New York


Dong-Ah Institute of Media and Arts

Associate of Arts - Acting

Anseong, South Korea