The Roots of Flamenco

Thursday, Mar 8, 2018

Flamenco Performance

Flamenco Performance

Open Arts faculty member Najma Harissiadis will perform in a show about the cultural roots of Flamenco dance with the Espiritu Gitano collective on April 14 at Alwan for the Arts in New York. From release: 

Felah Menguz - Flamenco Fugitive Peasant
in defiance of ethnic conflicts

ESPIRITU GITANO and ensemble
April 14 at 8:00pm
16 Beaver Street, 4th Floor
(646) 732 3261

The origins of Flamenco have been traced to India reflecting a rich tradition of rhythmic patterns, movements and dramatic expression. Roots of Flamenco reflects the departure from India through the European continent bringing with them the compassion for freedom of mankind through artistic expression. In this free form of rhythmic footwork and compassion, it reveals the beauty of these blending cultures.

Espiritu Gitano is an ensemble of musicians, singers, dancers whose work weaves together the various influences behind flamenco dance, from India and the Middle East, to the Moorish, Romani and Jewish people of the Iberian peninsula.