Johann Diedrick, ITP Alum and Adjunct received a fellowship!

Wednesday, Jul 12, 2023

2023 Just Tech Fellows with headshots

2023 Just Tech Fellows

Johann Diedrick, ITP Alum and Adjunct received a fellowship with Just Tech Fellows!

The Just Tech program, a Social Science Research Council (SSRC) project, announced its second cohort of Just Tech Fellows today. These seven visionaries—Tawana PettyJohann DiedrickDanielle BluntAdrienne WilliamsFernanda RosaJay Cunningham, and Jess Moore Matthews—will each receive two-year fellowships to tackle complex issues at the intersection of tech and social justice.

The SSRC’s Just Tech program foregrounds questions of power, equity, and the public impact of new technologies, investigating evidence of bias and harm while centering the perspectives of historically marginalized communities. The Just Tech Fellowship provides unrestricted awards over two years for researchers and practitioners imagining radically different tech futures that embrace joy, hope, self-determination, and equity.

Johann Diedrick, an artist and engineer, will examine the origins of racial bias in emerging speech AI. He plans to bring together a consortium of scholars, researchers, artists, and engineers to think holistically about AI bias and implement a new vision for AI-powered speech technologies that allows all voices to be heard.

- Text partially written by "Just Tech"