Paradise Interrupted at Lincoln Center Festival

Tuesday, Jun 28, 2016

people on stage dressed as warriors with a dazzling starry lights above

Spoleto Festival

ITP Alumnus Guillermo Acevedo's opera debuted at the Spoleto Festival last year and is finally coming for its formal premiere on the opening night of the Lincoln Center Festival in New York.

Please come see our beautiful new installation opera Paradise Interrupted, the story of a woman in search of an unattainable ideal in a world activated by her voice. The production reimagines and fuses the biblical story following Eve’s expulsion from the Garden of Eden and the stirring dream of Du Liniang from The Peony Pavilion. Our heroine embarks on a passionate search for her paradise through a lush ebony garden made from dynamic paper sculptures and interactive multimedia projections. The haunting, sensual score weaves the melismatic vocal style of Chinese kunqu with Western tonality.

For this production, he was in charge of the design of the interactive projections, creating custom software that captures the sopranos voice and uses that to give life to visuals that are generated live on stage.  This allows the visuals to be responsive to the performance, makes them a bit more organic and never quite the same because they respond to the emotional quality of the singing.

Paradise Interrupted is directed and designed by artist Jennifer Wen Ma, composed by acclaimed composer Huang Ruo, and its wonderful team of creative contributors and performers. Please join us on July 13th, 15th or 16th, this is a limited run and tickets are going fast. 

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