Wei Kang, ITP Alum, Featured in LA Weekly

Tuesday, Feb 13, 2024

LA Weekly featured ITP alum Wei Kang in an article that explores her artistic journey and innovative practices.

"For Wei Kang, painting is not just a skill or a profession; it is her way of conversing with the world, a bridge for exploring herself and expressing her inner world. From her early explorations to her maturation at the Tsinghua University Academy of Arts, her innovative path as a freelance illustrator, to her exploration of combining art with technology in the New York University ITP program, each step reflects her profound understanding of art and relentless pursuit."

Photo of Wei Kang in front of her art

Wei Kang

"In 2019, she returned to New York and joined the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at New York University, where she explored the intersection of art and technology, particularly how augmented reality (AR) technology can provide audiences with immersive artistic experiences. At the climax of her studies in ITP, Wei Kang created her graduation project—a hand-drawn animation that combined her mother’s old clothes with an exploration of the dilemmas of female identity, realized through AR technology for an immersive experience. This work not only showcased Wei Kang’s exquisite artistic skills and innovative use of technology but more importantly, it offered a profound reflection on female identity and social roles. Audiences could not only watch the animated story but also interact with it directly through AR technology, experiencing the emotions and messages behind the story."

Read the full article here.