Innovative Sound/Movement Instrument "BodyMouth" Named Finalist for 2024 Guthman Prize

Thursday, Jan 25, 2024

Kat Mustatea, a former ITP Project Fellow in Spring 2023, has been recognized for her groundbreaking work on "BodyMouth," a revolutionary sound/movement instrument. The project has earned its place as a finalist for the prestigious 2024 Guthman Prize, often dubbed the "Pulitzer for new musical instruments."

Mustatea collaborated with Yonatan Rozin, a fellow ITP alum and current instructor in the program. The duo's creation, BodyMouth, is set to be showcased and compete for the top prize in Atlanta on March 9th. The instrument has garnered attention with features in a Georgia Tech announcement and an article in Gizmodo.

About BodyMouth: A Fusion of Dance and Language

Described by Gizmodo as a tool that "creates the possibility for brand new genres of artistic expression," BodyMouth is a one-of-a-kind sound/movement instrument that transforms the human body into an organ for speech.

Equipped with sensors on various body parts, a dancer utilizes specific gestures to articulate words phoneme-by-phoneme. The geometries involved in speech production, including the tongue, oral cavity, lips, and larynx, are mapped in real time via custom software connected to trackers on the performer's body.

In essence, BodyMouth serves as a form of body augmentation, integrating sensors and software to empower the dancer to control speech production through body movements. The result is a captivating fusion of dance and language, a unique form of expression that challenges traditional boundaries.

For more information and to explore the mesmerizing blend of dance and language, visit the BodyMouth project page.

As the anticipation builds for the Guthman Prize competition on March 9th, Kat Mustatea and Yonatan Rozin are poised to showcase the innovative potential of BodyMouth on a grand stage, pushing the boundaries of artistic expression in the realm of new musical instruments.