Exploring the Future of Learning: Google Lab Sessions with Dan Shiffman, ITP/IMA Faculty Member

Monday, Feb 5, 2024



Introducing the latest collaboration in our Google Lab Sessions series! This time, Google Lab Sessions partnered with the renowned creative coding educator and YouTube sensation, Daniel Shiffman. Together, Google Lab Sessions and Dan delved into the realm of possibilities with AI, specifically leveraging the Gemini API, to enhance the educational experience for both teachers and students.

Dan Shiffman, the mind behind NYU ITP programming courses and The Coding Train YouTube channel, has always been passionate about making coding accessible to a broader audience. Recognizing the challenges learners face, especially when tackling coding independently, Google Lab Sessions and Dan embarked on a journey to explore the potential of an AI-powered tool that supports students while they code in their learning environment.

Dan's preferred platform for teaching is the p5.js JavaScript library and its user-friendly editor. To complement his teaching style and integrate his wealth of online resources seamlessly, Google Lab Sessions and Dan set out to develop an experimental Chrome extension for the editor.

Curious to see ShiffBot in action? Explore more at shiffbot.withgoogle.com and witness the future of coding education!