Refest 2.0

Tuesday, Feb 13, 2018

Refest, 2017

Refest, 2017

CultureHub joins with ITP March 7th-10th for a festival to bridge the communication between artists, activists, and technologists. Presented in collaboration with La MaMa Galleria, Center for Constitutional Rights, and Magnum Foundation. 

The event is Refest 2.0 Dissonance | Technology | Freedom. It's March 7-10 at La MaMa Galleria 47 Great Jones St / 1st floor.

More information Refest 2.0

ITPers involved are:

ITP student Tiri Kananuruk

ITP Alumnus Matt Romein 

ITP Alumna Renata Gaui

ITP Alumna Mimi Onuoha

ITP student Yang Wang

ITP student Shelley Hu

ITP student Yang Yang

ITP Alumna Danielle Butler

ITP student, Jaycee Holmes


Curated by ITP faculty Mimi Yin and ITP alum Lisa Jamhoury

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