HoloWAVE: Psychic Experience at Conference

Friday, Jan 19, 2018

A man wearing a brain wave helmet sitting with meditative candles

Sean Kim and his HoloWAVE project

ITP student, Sean Seunghwan Kim will be showing his work, HoloWAVE : Psychic Experience at a event hosted by TOPIC.COM

The event is called "TOPIC Talks: Near Future" and is being held at the Mezzanine. The talk is aimed at bringing together a broad set of futurists and influential speakers to discuss futuristic technologies.  Guest speakers range from NASA's Planetary Protection Officer Dr. Catharine Conley to Gizmodo Writer Ryan Mandelbaum.  

This event in January will be the first of a monthly series of events Topic.com is leading, called "Topic Talks”; aimed at bringing together a broad set of voices and also influential members of the community to have discussions around a different theme every month. Our theme of “Near Future” will feature stories that provide insight into both the dark and light objects and issues that are just around the bend. Technology will play a starring role, but not at the expense of the humans who are imagining it. We’ll have speakers from NASA, trans-humanists, insect protein, and designers speaking on this topic. Northside is working with the TOPIC team to help organize the event.  

TOPIC Talks: Near Future 

Speakers and Agenda

+ Protecting other planets and our own with NASA's Planetary Protection Officer Dr. Catharine Conley 

+ Transhumanism and the Expensive Art of Living Forever with Elmo Keep 

+ A Loner’s Guide to Cancelling Plans with Liana Finck 

+ Does The Farmer’s Almanac work in the 21st century with Marin Cogan 

+ Several short video presentations and a special music performance.   



What will spirituality look like in the future?  

What happens when technology is combined with spirituality?  

Through HoloWAVE (HoloLens+Brainwave-scanning helmet), encounter an AI psychic, and experience how human intuition can be modeled using technology. This interactive storytelling medium pushes the boundary between the physical and spiritual. 

HoloWAVE combines Mixed Reality (MR) with a Brain Computer Interface (BCI). HoloWAVE's voice recognition capabilities enable the user to control the flow of time, which is used in conjunction with the user's level of concentration (Alpha wave: 7.5-14Hz) to determine how far into the past / future the user experiences.  A vibrating stool and fans will be used with an MR headset, to provide a truly immersive psychic experience.