ITP Alums Named Top Tech Scene Leaders by VentureFizz

Monday, Jan 13, 2020

pictures of 9 women and caption that reads 9 of the top leaders in the New York tech scene - lead(h)er recap


ITP Alums Maria Paula Saba and Stella Kim were named by VenturedFizz in their list of the 9 top leaders of the New York tech scene.

Maria Paula Saba, VP of Design at ALICE

“In a corporate environment where things are already established, it takes so much energy to change anything,” Saba said. “In a startup, you’re creating the environment that you want to work in.”

Stella Kim - Founder and CXO at Mixlab

“If you show that you care about people, whether it’s a coworker or a customer, it’s appreciated. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture -- the smallest things go a long way to show them that you care,”

See the full list and more here.